Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SNOWBAKE! Seattle Snow, New Kinect, Kinect Games, HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Today's Blog will be short because ... to be perfectly honest.....there is nothing new in my world  to blog about.The all consuming thing right now is the snow and ice up here. I already talked about chickens and their unhappiness annnd the stiff little sticks I once called a garden.
I told you yesterday that my neighbor is driving me nuts by running around wildly screaming 'SNOWMEGGDON! (or however you spell it... come on its a made up word) Last night he changed it up to 'SNOPOCALYPSE!'   In case you are wondering what the neighbors are doing at my house constantly .... Jimmy bought a Kinect.  Its the big neighborhood draw. They are all dropping by to look at it and ooh and awww over it. And no one is going to work cuz of the snow AND the holiday week.   So, for the most part EVERYONE I have seen in the last two days  are baking (and I don't mean pies and cakes) and playing  video games in between walks in the fluffy stuff.. So, I made up a name  of my own for the Thanksgiving storm of 2010........  SNOWBAKE!      (awwww come on... its funny!)  So, when it goes 'viral' on the internet remember..... you heard it here first!
Everyone have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING... see ya Friday

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