Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The fearless Hashtag, blinded, tough guy

Hash is doing well. It was touch and go there for a while. 4 days ago we were really worried.  He was stumbling when he walked and couldn't navigate tight spaces without bumping head first into   walls and gates.  DD  found him laying on the ground upside  down, feet in the air and began screaming "MOM!".  By the time I got there he had righted himself and popped up.  We held him and gave him the once over but, couldn't find anything  medically wrong.  His injuries from the attack are mostly healed and some completely healed.   We finally concluded that he was temporarily blinded. He insists on sleeping below the  other chickens and sometimes ....in the middle of the night....they  leave presents on his head.  We are pretty sure that one of the presents got him in the eye that night. DD wiped off his face and after that he seemed to be ok.  He really is a poopy-head.  We moved his roost away from the  girls some time ago to stop this from happening. He just  stopped sleeping on his roost.  We have concluded  that he is making a personal choice and he must like it... or he would move.  I found a random silkie photo  on the web of what he should look like.    (kind of the poodle of chickens)

This is NOT Hashtag... But it is what he should look like!

This is the  Fearless Hashtag!  He always looks like this!

I think he does it on purpose to look tougher!  But how do you tell a chicken  politely , that he stinks?