Monday, February 27, 2012

Its ALL his fault, I need an El Camino, appeasing water sprites, sucks to be brown

Will this move never end? I thought we were going to be done yesterday... but NO.  At least one more load that will contain the rest of the firewood and a cabinet I was going to leave behind.  And 3 of my fish are missing from the pond.  The landlord said he was going to drain the pond so we tried to  get them all but, we cant find the 3 brown ones.  The 5 orange ones are in a bucket with a bubbler  in Jimmy's future man cave. In the immortal words  of DD.... 'sucks to be brown'.  .....  And I aggravated (pissed it off really) an old injury that has my arms and hands painful and  numb all night long.  How can something you cant feel hurt so bad. I'm sick of this crap.  I want it done so I can have the time to appease the local water sprites.  We are being attacked by water.  Leaks everywhere! GYAH! Jimmy and I had to go to separate floors for a little while last night.  We are both  tired and sore and fighting the urge to blame each other for this  thing  being such  a never ending PITA..  But its his fault.... I know it is!  The almost final straw was when  the rented moving truck got stuck in the mud  by the new goat barn/storage shed.   We wanted to make one more run yesterday but it took over   a half hour to get it unstuck and then had to be pressure washed clean before we took it back by 5.   We should have bought a truck last year when we were talking about it.  We want one of those little compact trucks from the 70's..... or a Cruck like the   El Camino!    Honestly?  We just want something that will save us from ourselves right now.