Saturday, January 12, 2013

Warm mash, 'seasonal' shopping, sneaking in baby chicks

So, Its colder than ... bejeebers!?!.  Mostly because its January.  January is usually  the coldest month  of the year.  I know this, you know this.  But the big box hardware stores seem to think its march.  Jimmy and I went on a hunt for presto logs yesterday.   The big box stores did not have them.  A straight faced saleslady told us, without blinking or giving any indication that she was joking. that presto logs and fireplace tools were a  'seasonal' item.  She pointed us to the  'seasonal' department which is now full of  bar-b-ques and racks of potted Pansy's.  HD's headquarters are in Atlanta.  So, I can see how they would get confused.   But I'm thinking their  buyers should do more than just look out of the window of  their building HQ  (in their warm southern locale ) to decide what  'season' it is.  I'm pretty sure those Pansy's are gonna be dead before anybody buys them. Why were we trying to buy presto logs?  Because, like so many other things in the summer, we  were just so overwhelmed at everything that needed to be done, we kept putting off  getting our usual  cord of wood  until it was too late.  Moving Sucks!  And now we are cold.  I left the basement door open before I left to go to an acting workshop.  It was  60 degrees in the house when we got home at 11 pm.  Well below what the thermostat is set at.  For a minute there I thought the furnace was broken.
Since it is so cold outside at night, I have been giving the chickens a hot breakfast.   I get oatmeal when it is cheap,on sale, or out of date.  It makes for a great chicken breakfast on  freezing mornings.  But pretty much  anything, including their regular chicken feed will do. Just poor some warm water over it and let it soak a few minutes.   They are unhappily  crunching through the frozen grass as I sit here looking out the window.  I still need a rooster.  I still want to hatch  some chicks.  How I'm going to do that without Jimmy  finding out what I'm up too?  Not sure yet.  I still have a month to plan my  baby chick incursion. I need to time it so the chicks are not born in May.  My Grandmother said that chicks hatched in May are 'never any good'.  She had chickens her whole life so I'm going to trust her.
I still need a couple  more drummers  for my 'spirit of the land' honoring ceremony!