Saturday, January 5, 2013

Honor the spirit of the land, grand mal seizure, Drummers needed.

So, I had a very vivid dream  that the female guardian spirit of  the land I live on , gave me permission to prune the trees and work the land...gently.   I'm thinking...maybe ...last years  garden fail happened because I neglected to honor the spirit of the land and to ask permission to change things up.  We gardeners are a superstitious lot!  ....Way worse than sailors or even actors. Not sure which spirit it is though.  Maybe  First Peoples?  The first folks who lived here, tlah-WAH-dees (where things grow),  were called the Willow People.  We have two protected ancient willows on our property and, I hear tell,   the area was once  densely populated by willow trees.  That's probably where they got their name. 
I told Jimmy I want to have a drum circle to honor the spirit of the land.  After his grand mal seizure subsided... I took the wooden spoon out of his mouth and told him I was going to do it anyway... if I could find some drummers.  So, please,  I would love to hear from anyone interested in an evening or afternoon of drumming.  I will feed (and liqueur up) everyone who chooses to help  me honor the spirit of the land...and as a further bribe..... there will be a gift of a small piece of original artwork to each participant.