Friday, October 26, 2007

Ye Be Warned........Mars Retrograde '07 prediction

So.......Anybody notice how 'things' are starting to suck? Friends and family are getting cranky......numinous energy is creepy when you walk into a room and everyone you meet seems either paranoid or clingy or just down right pissed?........
We're in the shadow period of the '07 Mars Retrograde. It only happens once every two years and this year its beginning in Cancer and moving backwards into Gemini. It starts on November 15 and doesnt end until January 29. The peak point of expression for this Mars RX is Christmas Eve .............HAPPY FREAKIN' HOLIDAYS! Look for this holiday season to be one for the books.For those of you who aren't familiar with astrology.....Mars is the planet of forward moving action, raw sex and anger (war ...if you will...). When it Retrogrades....forward movement on projects, relationships and just about everything... stops. It is a period of moving backwards for everyone. New things started during this period seldom make it out alive on the other side. Old issues of movement, passion,anger..... come back to haunt us. If you are a bright and alert person who tries to be aware of your environment and you are sensitive to 'others' around you.......You may already have noticed that something is brewing. Good for you!.....You have a head start and with a little planning you might get through the next 2 months with minimal damage . If ,however you are one of those 'tards that walk through life completely self-absorbed with your own personal interests as your top priority(and your only concern for others is that they be well enough to meet your needs) are about to be kicked in the head with a steele-toed boot!
This Mars Retrograde is happening in Cancer........One of the whiniest signs (next to pisces and scorpio). This sign is all about feelings.......which is why this particular MRX is going to be so personal. Where ever Cancer is located in your chart is where the arena of action is............. (there are plenty of free charts available on the internet you can look this up..........)
Here are a couple of examples......
example 1.If Mrx falls in your 7th house.....look for old issues with your primary relationship ie husband/wife, lover, best friend etc....or partner in business,roomate .....anyone you have a 'partnership' with. You should have already noticed tension building.........'feelings' are already getting a little raw. The best way to deal with it... is to with it.... NOW.......dont let it keep building.
Example 2. An 11th house Mrx is going to bollocks up relationships in your friends and groups sector......So if you belong to a club or organisation or just have a 'group' of friends that you hang out with........look for tensions to build and general dissasfaction of everyone involved. Note: You will experience a gamut of behaviors in these groups.....from passive-aggressive...... crying self-pity to downright combative.

Here's a general list of what can be expected to pop up during the next two months

1.Mrx frequently brings illness ....especially in the winter.......These are the days of the 'cold' that just wont go away. So...look to your health and beef up on those vitamins ahead of time.........And watch your nutrition.........Bad food leaves the body susceptible to viruses and other 'ickies'.
2.Aggressive driving........Watch out for pissed-off people on the road. There's gonna be a lot of them. Try not to be one.....In fact go the opposite direction and drive very defensively........Keep cool on the road and give the angry ones a lot of space......they are looking for a have to ask yourself you really want to give them what they want?
3.Purchases.....this one is a big problem cause its happening during the holiday season.....When Americans are in a buying frenzy. All I can say here is ........ this year....there will be a record number of dissatified customers......... especially buyers of electronics. Anyone purchasing anything that is mass produced is likely to find themselves with a faulty product.
IF you are thinking about buying a car or other big ticket item over the next 2 months......just don't....... The probability that something will go horribly,horribly wrong is too high to take the risk. So.....purchases....keep it small.....keep it simple.....maybe consider gift cards.........Idunno........ before you lay down your money for anything at this time.... CAVEAT EMPTOR!
4. Back up your computer,finish your taxes,pay that bill,get the car tuned up,finish that project. ........etc.... Whatever you have been neglecting....WILL break down.....or come back to bite you in the ass.
5.Old lovers and friends you have unresolved issues with (or who have unresolved issues with you) can show up at this time.....Maybe on your doorstep.....maybe just in your head.....
6.If you are having an illicit affair......There is a high probabilty that at this time will be caught ......nuff said
7.If you are engaging in criminal activity large or small.......there is a high probability that this will be caught.
8.Mrx often brings an obsession into our lives (usually just for the duration of the retrograde)....sometimes its with a person (yep...its stalker season)...sometimes its a thing (jealousy,envy and infantile 'want' are the key elements here) ...sometimes its an idea or ideal (god save us from religios zealots and politicians at this time).......... Its a good idea to look closely at any obsessive behavior here and try to analyse what it is you are desperately needing from the thing or person being obsessed over.
9.Emotional states you might find yourself in......Angry, combative ,depressed, anxious, erratic, psychotic,obsessed,picked on,self pitying,blaming (watch out for this one....nobody is innocent), jealous, ecstatic,self medicating,accident prone (usually from having your head up your ass because you cant stop thinking in the previously mentioned modes)

These 4 signs will feel the brunt of the retrograde harder than the rest of us........
Cancers and Capricorns will get it first from November 15th to December 31st Gemini/Sagittarius will get it from January 1st to January 29th.

As a result of Mrx changing signs there will be a notable difference in energy from the New Year's eve to the New Year's Day. Once the planet changes from the 'feeling' Cancer to the 'chatty' gemini.....look for gossip to ramp up significantly......Advice for everyone here? Watch what comes out of your mouth.

For a smidge more information I am copying a post from a previous blog on the same topic....concerning the christmas eve Peak...I mentioned earlier.

"Wonder what's too fat and bloated right now? We'll find out over
the next 18 months.....I suspect we'll get a glimpse on December 24th this
year. Odd timeing....And kind of scary with the 'silent night 'gig
going on and the restof the world hating us...cant think of a better time
to demoralise the population with a dirty nuke than on the
night when christians everywhere are basking in the glow
of excessive consumerism
and secure in the arms of
bariatric capitalism I'm a lttle nervous about it....But maybe it will just go down
in history as the the great snowstorm of 07.......(for applicable climes)
So Yes.....I am
predicting snow on christmas this year.......or an ice
storm....or some other debilitating weather anomalie. Cause bad
weather is so much a better option than some of the other probable
scenario's if you havent already......... Maybe spend
part of your 'C' budget on the local food bank or other charitable
non-profit......Never underestimate the power of Karma.......and maybe if we pay
it forward we can avoid a big nasty!"

This holiday season....try to be kind to one another and recognize that we are all in this together. If we help each other instead of blame each other ,we might all move into February '08 a little more intact.

Real Art in Seattle

This is from my 'other 'blog but I thought it worth repeating because the artist is worthy of mention and the experience was great. (from 2 weeks ago)

So ....I finally had a positive 'Art' experience in Seattle. After months of traipsing around galleries and weaving through the crowds at Pioneer Square to get nothing more for my troubles than a faceful of pretentious overproduced, too-slick PAP.....I found real art and a real artist. Kevin Higginbottom ,an artist who works on sheet metal canvases had a one-night showing of his amazing work in the old beat-up warehouse/shop off of Spokane and 1st ave in the SODO district. I could go on for pages about his technique,(never once did he answer a question about his work with a snotty 'Its Alchemy") composition and aesthetic. He shares this enormous falling-down space ( actually it just looks like that from the outside....inside it looks pretty good , due to all the work the collective has put in building walls and putting in almost impenetrable doors) with other artists, a band, sound technicians and last night a biker club. The drive-in shop area was separated from the road by a mere chain link fence. Outside the fence the biker club was signing up folks for a Seattle City timed run........."Legal".......of course. Across the street , under the bridge were dozens of bikes, their riders milling about casually a few feet away from parked cars and campers of some of Seattles homeless. None present at this showing would have been allowed in Pioneer Square......Not the artist, not the bikers, not the homeless..... But here we all were, gathered together in a surreal comaraderie that would make even Jodorowski blink twice. The gathering itself was high art and I felt privelaged to be present. I learned something of great value last night.......The best Art in Seattle is NOT in Pioneer Square. HALLELUJA!