Saturday, January 22, 2011

ITS A MIRACLE, Nuclear Winter, Chickens are laying again, A sign from the Universe

So, This winter our pond was frozen to the bottom and sprung a leak. Jimmy and I didn't do anything about it because well.... a heron ate my fish.  (See November 2010) post for details and pictures) We figured we would deal with it in the spring.  While we were working in the yard today  and while refilling the pond,  one of our fish, we thought long dead, came out of his little fish bunker and began swimming around. ITS A MIRACLE!   This is one tough little goldfish....Not only did he survive Herongeddon he also survived  a  nuclear winter in the ice  ALL ALONE (we think). He's amazing! We have renamed him  Mad Max cuz.....well, can see why.  I immediately ran out and picked him up 6 new friends to keep him company.  This makes me so happy!   In my usual superstitious fashion ... I am seeing this as a sign from the Universe that everything will be OK.
Annnnnd Elphie  and the other girls started laying again this week. This cold dark crappy winter is almost over. The light is returning and with it.......  life.   

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Pirate, Time travel discovery, New astrology put in perspective

Good morning and I'm back from  "afuneralingwewillgo"  Just to get it out of the way..... The last 11 days have been well....sucktastic.  But the pirate is gone, the mess he left is almost cleaned up  And the hat is at the bottom of the bay. A 25 year old promise has been kept.
Today's  first topic is time travel.  This group of guys  over here
have allegedly discovered the baby steps of time travel.   Without the power requirements of light speed ,it just may be possible.  So, if you begin to experience   high weirdness around  time issues  its probably because these guys are  doing experiments  While madam Curie only  killed herself with her experiments( ok and 1 or 2 others) .... these guys have the potential to really mess with all of us. Just thought I would mention this so the next time you are late for an appointment that you started out in plenty of time will know who to blame.
While we were dealing with the pirate, I got plenty of phone calls  and emails from people who read the articles on astrology being off by one sign.  This isn't something new. Astrologers have known about this for centuries and we have compensated with wonderful things like  tertiary progressions, solar arcs ,secondaries  , multiple house systems and so forth.  Vedic astrologers acknowledged  the 23 degree difference  centuries ago and a cross referencing  comes to the same conclusions.  Cosmologists have been screaming for years that  THEY are the only ones who know he truth and that every other system is wrong.   The rest of us listen and learn from all systems, western, vedic, chinese, chaldonian and so forth. So, for all you wondering if you are still capricorns.... Yes you are.  You can change the name of a chair to 'vase', but you can still sit in it .......and you still cant fill it with water and put flowers in it. ( I guess you could if you got really creative..... but you know what I mean).... Anyway all I'm trying to say is...... don't worry about it, we have it under control. We have adjusted our sails.