Saturday, January 22, 2011

ITS A MIRACLE, Nuclear Winter, Chickens are laying again, A sign from the Universe

So, This winter our pond was frozen to the bottom and sprung a leak. Jimmy and I didn't do anything about it because well.... a heron ate my fish.  (See November 2010) post for details and pictures) We figured we would deal with it in the spring.  While we were working in the yard today  and while refilling the pond,  one of our fish, we thought long dead, came out of his little fish bunker and began swimming around. ITS A MIRACLE!   This is one tough little goldfish....Not only did he survive Herongeddon he also survived  a  nuclear winter in the ice  ALL ALONE (we think). He's amazing! We have renamed him  Mad Max cuz.....well, can see why.  I immediately ran out and picked him up 6 new friends to keep him company.  This makes me so happy!   In my usual superstitious fashion ... I am seeing this as a sign from the Universe that everything will be OK.
Annnnnd Elphie  and the other girls started laying again this week. This cold dark crappy winter is almost over. The light is returning and with it.......  life.   

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  1. O mighty reader of omens, what does it mean when someone uses serious tools to cut the cable to one's bicycle to steal the back wheel?

    I'm considering focusing all my "i hate work" energies on said pilfered wheel - one way to make a thief rue the day he crippled Betsy the Bicycle, cuz there's a huuuuuuuuge amount of "i hate work" energy in my soul these days.