Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weird creepy parenting, laying hens, green beans

 The  hens are all on lock down.  We thought only 3 were laying  and then jimmy and I both found ninja nests in the bushes.  They are very unhappy with me now because I wont let them out to free range until everyone has laid.  There were nine eggs in the nest when I let them out yesterday!  A couple of the girls are even laying double yolks.
Our  'failed' garden is producing the best bean crop we have ever had.  I guess the snails don't like green beans.  Over the winter and next summer Jimmy and I will be going on a snail killing spree.  We have a multi-level plan to deal with the issue.  The plan does not include poison.  We have to many rare birds in the area to take that chance.   My hippie/environmentalist roots run strong and I just cannot bring myself to  put one more species on the endangered list.
We do have apples and plums this year.  Jimmy is excited to make cider and apple jack.  I am excited to make wine and apple cider vinegar.  I also need to make some soap before the weather turns too cold.
I have actually blogged at length twice this week and then had the kitten shut off the computer and lost it all. He is in the hall today and the door is shut until I am finished.
One of next summers projects will be to get a privacy fence along one side of the property.  We had company this weekend.  Just another couple over for  burgers on the grill and a little boccie ball after dinner.  A couple with 3 kids  (one in a stroller)  walked by on the trail to the park.  They just stood and  watched us for a long time (creepy).  The five year old said "can we go there?" as she watched the chickens following us around.  Mom and Dad did not say  'no that is someones home" like they should have.  They looked to me for an affirmative to the child's  question and then gave me the stink eye when I just kept talking to my guests and  enjoying my evening.  They just kept standing there staring at us.  90%  of the people who walk by on the trail are polite and respectful.  Most people just walk on by.  If we are working near the fence line some say 'hi'...  and keep walking.   The closer neighbors will stop and chat for a few. When the neighborhood kids are walking by they talk to and about the chickens.  I'm ok with  some admiring of the picturesque  quality of the property (it really is pretty and with the added farm animals it becomes  something from another era).  I would look too.  Most of the problem comes from the  Special-snowflake-angel crowd.   People who think that just because their little hobgoblins want it... they should have access to it.  These people don't even live here. They drive  around looking for  'special' things to do with their offspring so they can spend  'quality' time with them.  Interestingly enough... almost all the parents in this crowd refer to themselves in the third person when addressing their children 'Mommy wants to go home now'.  Its weird and creepy..... and the kids know it! When they do that  they are telling their kids that they are detached from them except in parenting mode.   Which explains why there are so many mini sociopaths running around..  To the parents who do this?  You are already creating an emotionally detached individual.  All you need now is to have a kid with violent tendencies and you've got yourself a budding Ted Bundy. So... Stop it!  You will have happy, healthy children if you simply engage your full neurotic self with the little darlings.
But until the 10% learn this.... I'm building an 8 foot fence!