Sunday, October 28, 2012

We've got history, I will not get attached

You all read  the tragic story of poor little Hashtag.  You all know I was broken hearted and determined to never get that attached to a chicken again.  Most of you also know that I was planning on culling the ancient reds this fall because their days of good production are far,far behind them. There is the dilemma.  One of the ancient reds  has had a personality change.  Last month she went into a hard molt.  Her feathers fell out and her comb shriveled.  This is normal for  any hen over a year old.  They do it once a year.   For some reason  this molt took a normally cranky and aggressive hen and made her needy and clingy.... to me. She hangs around the door  calling me and waiting for me to come out.  When I throw out food, she doesn't rush to be first to grab up all the good stuff anymore.  She  now stands at my feet and  waits for me to hand feed her.  She WANTS to be petted.  When I am working outside she  walks by my side barely avoiding  being stepped on.  When I stop she leans against my legs and  looks up at me in adoration.

I don't know what to do.  The young red was easy when she started acting like a pet.... I treated her like all the rest and shooed her away.  She eventually got it and stopped asking for affection.  The old red? We've got history.  Together, we experienced snowstorms, heatwaves,  baby opossum, the coup' in the coop, The noble battle  fought by  Elphie and Prissy during the carnage in the coop, the great exodus into the land of plenty,  the heart rending death of  Hashtag and the introduction of 7 new baby girls... one  of whom  will eventually be ruler.  And now she is looking to me..... The one who introduced her to sky and grass.... The one who has watched over her for 6 years.  She is looking to me. 
I will not give in! I will will not get attached. I will NOT get  attached...........I WILL NOT GET ATTACHED!!!!!!!!!!