Thursday, October 20, 2011

NO on 1183, NO to corporations buying our government...again.

NO on 1183.  I just keeping voting against privatizing  liquor in WA state. Every time Costco puts it on the ballot. I shoot it down.  Why?... Ignoring all the adds that are running on both sides. Here's the best reason of all.  The liquor  department in WA state is only one of two departments in the state that generates income. It pays for itself completely and puts around 350 million dollars a year back into the state general fund.  The several thousand employees  the department has, all make a living wage with medical  insurance  and retirement benefits.  I am not willing to put those people out of work so Costco and  7/11  can  create a few new minimum wage jobs with no benefits and put billions  of dollars in their own pockets. That's my  oh so simple reason for  voting no on this.   The system we have is not broken. It doesn't need to be fixed.  While licenses and fees  from  corporations might put a few million  dollars a year into the general fund... it wont be enough to  cover the the unemployment checks for all the people they put out of work. The economy is in enough trouble right now  without adding 3000 + more souls to the ranks of the unemployed, underemployed, uninsured,'cant pay the mortgage' , 'need food stamps to feed the kids'  line.  This is  just another  case of a corporation with big  dollars trying to buy our government.  While Costco has the money...... it is  'We the People' who will pay the price if they win.

Want to read the annual  report from the liquor department?  Here it is in all its public glory. (you wont see  Costco's annual  budget report online)  We own this so lets keep it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Artisan Lifestyle coup'detat, IT'S DONE, handmade crochet rug, it took a year, If you want "American Made" - Make it yourself.

ITS DONE!!!!!!!  Ok..... it would be done if Jimmy hadn't talked me into  batiking it.  But the  year long effort of crocheting this monster was over last night while a favorite episode of Stargate SG1 was running in the DVD player.  My plan now is to put a heavy  gauge  trim of unbleached  muslin around the edge. About 2 inches wide....  and then  I'll batik the chosen design on it.   Right now I'm thinking of dying it  crimson.  Before I do any of that ... I desperately need Feral Jane to come over and help me to block it.   Its 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 feet.   Jimmy has usurped my studio for  building the Halloween pieces, so it will have to wait until Halloween is over.  I'm ok with that cuz I will spend the next two weeks rolling it out several times a day and wondering at the awesomeness of what I have done.    I have to admit I have some reservations about throwing it on the floor and walking on it.  It truly will be a piece of art when I'm through.  But, I am stubbornly sticking with the original intent.   In my last blog I told you Jimmy and I are looking for a house.  The rug will not be used in this house and when we move into our new house I will have a  'Rug Laying' ceremony.
Oh Yes!  I am PLEASED  with myself today!
Here are some photos that, quite frankly, don't do the majesty of the moment justice.

 This  is a photo  for yarn junkies.... so you can see the gauge and texture.  It is %100 cotton, unbleached. 

I consider this an Artisan Lifestyle Coup'detat.  Once again I have denied  cash flow to   corporations that insist  on trying to sell me overpriced,  low quality goods, made  overseas by cheap labor.
If the only way to get American Made  products is to make them myself...... "So let it be written..... So let it be done!  Pharaoh hath spoken"