Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Job Market sucks but....... prayer

This should be fun. I start my new job on Monday.... at a 25% percent pay cut. But oh well its a job. Jimmy should be entertaining cuz now he gets ALL my housekeeping chores. I showed him where the cook books are. The look on his face was comical. Now I need to show him how to stack the dishwasher,how to set the clothes washer, give him the garbage and recycle pickup schedule and...... who am I kidding here?......... I'll have to kick a path through the living room by the end of February. And the bathroom? I dont even want to think about it! Wish me luck... I'm gonna need it. As for Jimmy? Well if your the praying type, better drop to your knees now.... cuz its gonna take a miracle.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Art, Mars retrograde wrong date ,garden prep

The retrograde sucks! I'll just tell you that now. Everything is falling apart except creativity and that is exploding all over everything. I have gotten a tremendous amount of work done. Good typist, you will pleased. Jimmy is so disturbed by the work I am doing he wont even go in the studio. That's a first in fifteen years. Soooooo it tells me while the work is extraordinarily good.... it wont be shown nor will it sell. I'm thinking of having a studio party in the spring for the one and only showing it will ever receive. At least until I'm dead. I'm sure some day some art student will do a paper on the mind and relation to the human condition that would produce such work. Oh well. Felt good doing it. Just need to add a few lights for effect and ground the subject matter and nine perfect pieces will go into the closet. And the next series is already in the planning.... building off of this one. The next one might get shown cuz the neo feminists are gonna love it. Think primitive impressionist prima donna. And just a side note with no explanation....... I'm getting tired of being shunned for being an oil painter so F*#$ y'all and yer non toxic water base paints..... Bunch of sissies anyway!
Change o topic.... the date I gave for peak point of the MRX was wrong. Its the 29th not the 27th. Sorry, but hey, nobody pays me to be right on this blog. Its a public service at best because I have a bleeding heart.
Change o topic again. Its time to start the starts. Jimmy and I have been planning how to make temp cold frames out of our raised beds. He's really been into the chemistry of soil composition this winter so I'm sure he's gonna slow down the process with his chem-babble this spring. We have decided that a few yards of perlite will need to be added to all the beds this spring along with whatever microbes he decides we need.. And for all of you who care about the chicken drama in the yard.... The little white one we added in August still isn't laying. If she isn't laying two eggs a day with double yolks by April first, she's chicken and dumplings for sure! She doesn't get to claim 'its too cold!" as her excuse. We have had the warmest January on record here in the sound.
That's about it for now. Our winter break from backyard farming is almost over. Our winter garden lasted way longer than last years. We still had carrots, brassicas and winter greens at Xmas. Every year is a learning experience so next year's should be even better.