Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ARTISAN LIFESTYLE , NOT American made, poor quality, something is horribly wrong here!

Its a sad day in America when a woman with a pocket full of credit cards can go to a mall spend four hours desperately shopping and come home empty handed. I WANT to shop.I WANT to give them my money But they must not want it. The clothing in my size is all made for muffin topped tank shirt wearing teenagers or little old ladies who love stretch wastebands. And the quality is so poor at every single store I was amazed. I found a suit at Macys that was cute.... I put it on and it fit... I buckled the belt and the belt loop fell off? Then on to JC penney where I found a pair of pants I liked...... The zipper popped as I was taking them off.... and no they were not too tight. Then I found a pair of suede boots, put them on and stood up and the heel broke. What is this when the quality of merchandise available to american shoppers is so poor that the stuff cant even make to the cash register before it breaks? Oh and did I mention.... Not one single item did I find in the whole mall made in the USA. Even grand patriotic names like American Eagle Outfitters.... It was all made in china. There is something horribly wrong here! Am I the only one who is noticing?.... And what am I supposed to wear?