Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Due Process, Dont Poke the Crazy, Feng Shui, Bean-Sign. Groovy potato bags.

I have  something to say about THE  news of the day, Then I will get on to  Artisan Lifestyle.  Uhmmmm, what about due process (stand alone question, yep call me old fashioned)? Judging from the FB posts and the lack of mention on Google trends, the big news is only big to the news networks and the  political spinners. ...and......... WHY did we just  'poke the crazy'? (thank you Feral Jane for the quote).  And why did we give the crazy 'the bird' by burying him at sea?    What are you people up to?  Cuz its obvious this is an engineered dog and pony show to cover up something else. And Just so ya know ......When they nuke LA or NY or  (god forbid) Seattle...... I'm gonna blame you!

So, had to get that out of my system before I talked about all the work we have done around here.  The Pond has been  Feng Shui-ed . That means the fountain is flowing towards the house not away from the house. Small wind chimes were added to both corners of the back yard.  A little time should tell  if we have successfully  achieved our Feng Shui goals.

Little green things are popping up in every bed.  We have serious potato action going on in my hand made potato bag.  The snow pea bag is also  a raging success.  I predict snow peas for dinner by June 1.  Everything is going well except the bush beans and I look daily for signs of them.  If  there is no bean-sign by Saturday (waxing moon in cancer) , the best planting day of he next 30 days, I will replant. 
The computer room is still waiting for art but  the major work is all done.  The new plants have adjusted well to living with us . I think maybe it was the superthrive that I added when I re-potted them.  That stuff is great!  Now I just need to get Jimmy to agree to live in chaos  for a couple of days while we paint the living room.  It should be a lot easier. Just plain white.
I 'll be spending the next couple of days working on my project for class on Friday.  At the end of this class session  (if I have anything worth showing off ) I will try to post some pictures.