Friday, June 3, 2011

Flipped off by a bridge troll, Neo american retail FAIL, Sears sucks

Completely off topic:  So  yesterday Jimmy and I went on the hunt  for  a pepper mill.   And experienced our usual   neo american retail fail.  Started at Sears because Jimmy thinks its funny now; to walk in, ask for an item, be told "no we don't have that"  and then walk out empty handed.  But forward, During our pepper mill death march I was  stopped  in the lane waiting for traffic to pass so I could cross over the parking lot to P 1 imports (also  a fail).  One of the cars I was waiting to pass by,  turned on its signal to turn down the lane I was stopped in.   The guy must have thought I was hogging the road  (even though he had plenty of room to turn in)  because as he drove past me he  honked his horn to get my attention and then flipped me off.  Normally this kind of behavior would ruin my day.   But this guy was a bridge troll..... I swear.....  An honest to god.. bridge troll.   He was very  stout and hunched over. His head was the same height as the steering  wheel and enormous.  His car was ancient and rusty. Nothing on him was NOT wrinkled.   He lifted an enormous fist and then flipped me the bird  with the fattest, stubbiest finger I have ever seen.  All the time growling and  gnashing his teeth at me.  He was being as angry and intimidating as he could  be  and all I could do was.... laugh.  I mean...... I was just flipped off by  a grimms fairy tale character!  Instead of ruining my day, it turned the whole pepper mill quest  into a surreal adventure that included  angry bridge trolls.
Too many mushrooms in College? Maybe.  But I think the moral of the story is..... If you look and act  like something from  'Three Billy Goats Gruff', NO ONE is going to take you  seriously.... so, be nice.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 1/2 chickens per person, Comfry, Cream Puffs, radishes, Rainy Seattle

Jimmy's Mom has been visiting so  I have been a good hostess and NOT spent all my time in front of the computer.  While it was a hectic week which included attending a beautiful wedding we still found time for a little gardening.  Our operative at Sky Nursery   handed us a comfry plant when we walked in.  Comfry is   an amazing plant for reconstituting soil and is plowed under by farmers to condition   fields. Its hard to come by because it  propagates quickly and once established is hard to kill  .  We put it in the medicinal bed and Jimmy is hoping to control it.  We added more soil to our potato beds and mounded the plants.  The potato bag just keeps getting bigger.  I am so excited that it is working so well.  Jimmy and I are currently looking for a house with slightly more land  so we can build a greenhouse (and get goats). I want to try my  bags in a greenhouse  and see how well they work there.  While the lack of sun is impacting the rest of the garden, the radishes are truly beautiful to behold. Jimmy's Mom had a recipe for cooked radishes which I did not think I would like. But they were yummy. They tasted a little like cabbage.  But more important..... We have officially eaten of this years crops.  A milestone every year.  (last weeks collards were planted last year so don't really count).  Jimmy's Mom also taught me to make  cream puffs.  I love it when she comes to visit because she always leaves me with a new recipe to enjoy and play with  for months to come.
On backyard chickens.  I did discover this week that 3  chickens are perfect for a household of 2 but  adding a 3rd person, we really  did need one more egg producer.  So, backyard chicken hopefuls..... the ratio of chickens to people seems to be 1 1/2 chickens per person.  Its rainy and cold again today , They are telling us the weekend will break 70.  I don't know if I believe them.