Monday, October 29, 2007

Take a look at the paintings to the right.......Pretty little things arent they?..... Could you ever imagine this artist being verbally attacked for her work being offensive? Yep, happened recently. She encountered a fellow artist in her community who was working on a PUBLIC piece of anti-abortion art .....When she responded to his 'what do think?" a nuetral fashion ......"nice attention to detail" (trying to avoid a confrontation as she had just met the guy)..... He pushed harder for a positive response from her........When she remained nuetral...... (even though in her words "from a technical point of view, the piece he was working on was sloppy, trite, and uninspiring) Realising she was not 'one' with his anti-abortionist stand.....he called HER works "eye candy" with no social ,religious or political conviciton. Then snubbed her completely. So .....just thought you'd like to see the 'offensive' pro-choice eye candy. The link to see more of this artists work is just below the bottom pic.