Friday, January 18, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles

I must not be the only one disappointed with the 'new' Sarah......Reports say viewership dropped 45% between the airing of the first and second episode. Under ordinary circumstances this would be a sign of a bad show....But with the writers strike still on and no new quality fare on the horizon, TV junkies who are desperate for something to watch are still saying "I'm not desperate enough to watch this". Nobody wants a Sarah that says "Run John" We ALL want a Sarah that says "Get behind me John" For those in hollywood that dont know the difference...."Run John" means "I cant protect you" "Get behind me John" means " I'm THE Baddass-Bitch Brick Wall that NOBODY will get past!" Honestly....Hollywood has ZERO understanding of the Pissed Bitch

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles & Juno

The Sarah Connor Chronicles. What a travesty! Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 is one of my all time heroes. She's an alert, paranoid, quick-thinking, smart, gun-totin' badass bitch with a single goal. This NEW Sarah Connor is a cell phone carrying, whiney soccer mom who's unprepared and surprised by everything....with no firepower at hand . Lena Headey who plays Sarah so poorly it makes me a soft-eyed, slump shouldered crybaby ......She exhibits no leadership and dresses like a club bunny. That 'standing at the edge peering over the rim at insanity' that we saw in T2 is so NOT there. John is your typical whiney 15 year-old that resents Moms' control....what there is of it.......Not the developing leader who strenghtens his skills by keeping one hand on the back of Mom's collar as she 'leans over the edge' while fending off the bad guys with the other hand. Summer Glau is fine as the android sent back to protect the Connors.....A little too fine. She takes charge and leaves Sarah in a subordinate position. Because she has to....This new 2007 Sarah is an ass pussy that should be dead of stupidity in the first 20 minutes of the pilot episode. ( I mean she sends John to a public school for christsakes.)
Commentary 2: Juno: Nothing wrong with the actual film making process. But what a doozy of a message.. If you are a pregnant teen... its ok as long as you give the child wholeheartedly up for adoption to a crazy, rich , white lady (who has already exhibited a tendency to squash the creative expression of others) And if you detach from the child completely and dont cause any problems, in the end you will be rewarded with the true love of the father of the child ..Who is presented as completely insignificant throughout the whole film...Oh and he is completely absolved of all responsiblity by the statement of Juno's parents "you know it wasnt HIS idea" . So...biblical jezebel is reborn and then redeemed by handing the kid over with no emotional involvement with the child at all. Everyone gets a happy ending just like in real life. This film is pure anti-abortion propaganda that makes teen pregnancy look appealing.... I'm not seeing this as a good thing.