Friday, June 10, 2011

#David Hewlett is henpecked, integrating a newbie, Fair trade coffee, Seattle Drizzle

Integration began today.  Well yesterday really.  We put the newbie in a cage next to the  older girls who were very disturbed by the frantic cheeping and squealing of the newbie who wanted to be in with them. The noise became intolerable!  But we  left it alone because they need to get to know each other.   To  make sure everyone was on the same page we invited the neighbors over for a look-see.  While they were over, an eagle began circling ( seeing an easy lunch of course)  Then the crows got involved and chased off the eagle. When I say crows I mean ALL the crows in Seattle .  The cat was grousing through out the whole thing because she  couldn't figure out why we wouldn't let her play with the new toy.  And a mighty cacophony it was.  All to welcome adorable David Hewlett home.
This morning bright and early  I brought DH out and set up the cage and the noise started again.  Just couldn't take that kind of racket again so we put  Evil Elphie in the back of the pen and closed the gate and put DH in the front pen with the reds..... Keeping a watchful eye while they ignored her. The noise did stop.  DH stayed a good six feet from them at all times and the reds kept giving her the butt. And all the while it was doing that grey Washington misty thing on us.  Yes us.  Jimmy and I had our morning coffee in the rain so  a bunch  of chickens could be happy.  After about an hour we decided to let Elphie out to play and the baby went straight to her.  Elphie of course took a lunge at her at I intervened. Jimmy said ' "some of that needs to happen"  I let Elphie stay out and DH kept following her around until Elphie lunged again and came away with  fluffy white feathers in her beak. So, back into isolation goes Elphie and all is serene again.   Annnd it kept raining......    All the fair trade coffee in Seattle couldn't warm us up at that point and poor little David Hewlett  was  dripping. So, We put David back in the garage , let Elphie out and came in to get warm.   If it warms up and dries out any today,  we will do it again.  It looks like this is going to be my  life for the next week or so.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

David Hewlett Silkie arrives Thursday, RAT, Going to WAR.

A common backyard chicken problem.  Rats.  Jimmy and I were enjoying the almost warm,  late evening, by the pond, when off by the fence a bold and bouncy rat  came out from hiding  and frolicked in the  most  in-your-face way possible.  This of course shattered the serenity of the  evening. The cat went from dozing to alert, Jimmy ran for his pellet gun and I loaded the rat trap.  Locked and loaded  we three companions in arms  laid out a quick strategy and executed it flawlessly.  The result? FAIL Jimmy shot at it and missed , it ran under the fence and the cat  couldn't get to it. I put the loaded trap under the coop and  this morning the trap was sprung and empty (no peanut butter, no rat)  What does all this mean?  WAR!...   Today I go in search of a bigger trap. Tonight  after the girls go to bed the cat will be locked in their pen. And Jimmy will set up vigil like Jed Clampett  ,butt on chair, feet on ground , gun on lap.    The area must be made safe because we have a new addition on the way.  'David Hewlett  Silkie' will be arriving on Thursday and all must ready. DH is only  2 months old and  is a small breed, so predators of all natures must be minimized.  DH is  a rule breaker.   When I told Jimmy she was coming to live with us he said "That's not what we agreed on  4 years ago when we decided to get chickens.  We agreed... FOOD...NOT pets!".  I said "but you told me I could have one".  He said "when?"  (with that look on his face that said he was searching his mental file folders for the data)  I said   "after the poker game."  ........ So, David  Hewlett will be here Thursday!   I'm so  Excited!   (and some day..... I may decide to tell you why I named a chicken David Hewlett....... but not today.)  We can all look forward to   frequent updates on daily life with a chicken named David who will grow up to be  a puffball.  Isn't this the cutest thing you have EVER seen in any galaxie?

David Hewlett