Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Venus Retrograde, Peak Point, October 29th, Be Cool in the classic sense

Just a quick update on the Venus Retrograde.  Peak Point.... The Sun/Venus RX conjunction is this Friday the 29th. Most of it was covered in this post about the VRX

But 6 weeks is a long time to remember something when a personal planet is retrograde.  Try not to freak out or lose your cool.  Its retrograde for EVERYONE so even though you may be living through your own  personal weirdness and possible  hell......... the other parties in your sphere are too.  Adding costumes and masks to an already charged situation will make this retrograde particularly potent Whatever area has been driving you nuts and making your reality prickly will come to a head this weekend.... then 3 more weeks and you're in the clear. That said...... Don't do anything stupid this weekend and don't make choices you cant get out of later. And Ladies especially.... don't make unsafe choices. Stay in well lit areas and for God's Sake.... don't meet that internet guy for the first time.  This is a dangerous time for  iffy sexual liaisons... Parents... keep a close eye on your kids  (especially your girls)  It will probably be a weekend of accidents and fights  and other..... well..... unsavory things.
Grown-ups.... consequences for loosing your shit will be difficult and costly to reconcile   when this is over.  As Sondheim put it so well in song.... "Be Cooley Cool Boy!"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

100 year old Cornish Pasties recipe, Ida Bailey Allen, left overs, Cooking for two, recipes for two, pork tenderloin

Cooking for two can sometimes be a real challenge. It takes some serious meal planning. Its not too hard with a twenty minute meal like pork chops or pasta... But when you want a roast (beef or chicken or tenderloin) it gets tricky.  Its nearly impossible to get a 10 oz beef roast.  When going for a food you know will have leftovers , the leftovers should be planned for. Ida Bailey Allen has a whole section for leftovers.  Tonight we will be having roast pork tenderloin.  Tomorrow I will use the leftover tenderloin to make Ida's Cornish Pasties.  I love this recipe and so does Jimmy.  Once cooked, the little pasties can be frozen for a quick meal at a later date.

Cornish Pasties

2 cups cold cooked diced potatoes
2 cups cold cooked meat
1/2 small onion,diced
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

Pie crust (as I said in a previous post..... I make nappy pie crust, so find a recipe from a RELIABLE source)

Mix potatoes,onions,meat, salt and pepper together in a bowl.
roll your pie crust thin and cut into 4 inch squares.
Put a spoonful of the meat mix in the middle of each square. 
Wet the edges with water or milk and fold them over the meat mix.
Brush the sides with milk or water
place on a greased flat pan and bake for 20 minutes.