Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prophet Frankie: Ye Be Warned, Astrological warning, Dont make me say "I told you so"

Hmmmm...... This RX is shaping up to be pretty intense. So, I'm gonna make a strong recommendation to EVERYONE to lay low over the next 72 hours.  No parties, no drinking, no driving anywhere you don't have to and stay away from heavy tool use.( I mean it... no chainsaws or or table saws or anything of that ilk).Stay away from weaponry even  if its only  a stage knife or paint gun. Take a whole bunch of deep breaths  and stay calm. If you have issues.... don't confront them until sometime next week.  Seriously folks...... Your best move is to pass on pretty much everything this weekend.  Stay home and do vegetable things like watching tv or napping or reading.  Yes, I know this is over the top but....... this weekend....... safety should come first.
I was pretty wishy-washy about whether or not to post this... cuz... really ..what you do is none of my business.  But I got this whole guilty conscience thing going on  if I don't  give a heads up when I know its a possibility. So, take it however you want. Do whatever you want. I've done my part and I'm spending my weekend taking my own advice..  Me and some cheesy historical romances have a date on the couch.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Backyard farming in seattle, Backyard chickens, Planting bags, lunar planting days, tiger woods golf 2012

Monday was fun . We planned on doing a lot more than we did on  lunar planting day... but the skies opened up on us. We Western Washington folk are pretty tough when it comes to rain.  But after about 4 hours Jimmy and I were wet and cold and muddy and started to snark at each other.  So, we called  'nuff', put away the tools and surveyed our work before heading  in to hot showers and tigers woods golf..   But before giving in to rain and cold we managed to get our homemade planting bags full of soil and full of peas and potatoes.  The area along our side fence gets almost no sun which is perfect for growing snow peas all  season.   But no matter how much we amend the soil in that bed (which is about 16 inches wide and 7 feet long) the   large decorative shrubs on the other side of the fence suck up all the nutrients and provide homes for  bugs.  These bags are our solution to make a rich  and protected raised home for the roots of our snow peas. .  I also made a huge bag for growing potatoes. We have a bed dedicated to potatoes but it just doesn't provide enough fruit for my  Jimmys words..... "potato lovin' Irish soul".  You cant tell by the photo below but there is at least 1/4 cubic yard of soil in this bag. I also felt confident enough to put  my  salvaged 'sprouted' brussel sprouts in the ground. They look great and have actually grown since I dropped them in the bed.  Saturday is another great planting day and the rest of the  ground seeded vegetables will go in then.
The chickens have acclimated pretty well to their new  status. So well, that tomorrow they well begin daily  sojourns into their extended grassy  run.
Yep, Things are off to a good start this spring at Frankie and Jimmys  little backyard farm!

Planting bags for snow peas all full of seeds and hope next to sunless fence.

 Potato bag....way bigger than it looks in the photo, 2 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot, and then it spread even bigger when we put in the soil.
 Transplanted sprouts in sprout bed
 A close up of one of the sprouts

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gardening by the moon, best planting days this month, backyard chickens, cold frames

Tomorrow is the new moon in Taurus.   This is one of the days we have been waiting for .  A waxing moon in an earth sign is a perfect planting day. So, Tomorrow the carrots, onions,beans, peas,broccoli, beets and  more potatoes,  will go in the ground.  We made a firm decision last year to stay with the classic American garden vegetables.  The fancy french carrots were a waste of garden space last year.   We also tried  a couple of the seed tapes for carrots.  Also a waste , mostly of money.  We  have the best success with  'dig a hole, plant a seed' gardening.  Good soil, appropriate amounts of sun and water... and plants just want to grow.   Our job seems to be.... get 'em in the ground and keep the bugs and weeds off of them. There really is no need to  futze with them.  If you cant get into the garden tomorrow cuz you oh.......have a job.  Next Saturday and Sunday are the best planting days of this spring.  A waxing moon in Cancer.
Our warm weather plants: squash, cucumbers ,tomatoes,peppers and basil will go in in about a month under cold frames.  As serene as gardening may seem on the outside  there are sometimes conflicts.  Jimmy and I avoided a contretemps in the local nursery yesterday because I backed off and decided to let him have his way with the cold frames.  I was planning on attaching stakes (that we already have) to the sides of the beds and  wrapping 6 mil plastic (that we already have) on them and stapling them down. Jimmy has grand plans for  domed ceilings (that he has to buy supplies for ) that when the greenhouse fabric (that he has to buy) come off, will serve  as  tomato  cages and other staking things.  Personally , I  just think he wants his 'show-off 'factor to be higher than mine.    My large planting/air bags are pretty cool  and are destined to get attention from other gardeners if they are a success.  I think he is projecting forward and thinking "what do I get to show and tell  that will one-up her bags?" (This is where I make snorting noises and  walk away).  Domestic  bliss aside...  we are well on our way to this years scrumptious crop.
 The girls are spending the next 2 days in the small pen before we start letting them out into their little grassy run. ( they still have more space than some studio apts in Seattle)  They are supremely unhappy at having  their domain sizeably reduced.  I have been listening to them  gripe and yell the whole time I have been  writing this.  If They could behave and not shred our vegetables they could still roam free. But alas, no amount of explaining  seems to make them understand that  there are boundaries.