Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prophet Frankie: Ye Be Warned, Astrological warning, Dont make me say "I told you so"

Hmmmm...... This RX is shaping up to be pretty intense. So, I'm gonna make a strong recommendation to EVERYONE to lay low over the next 72 hours.  No parties, no drinking, no driving anywhere you don't have to and stay away from heavy tool use.( I mean it... no chainsaws or or table saws or anything of that ilk).Stay away from weaponry even  if its only  a stage knife or paint gun. Take a whole bunch of deep breaths  and stay calm. If you have issues.... don't confront them until sometime next week.  Seriously folks...... Your best move is to pass on pretty much everything this weekend.  Stay home and do vegetable things like watching tv or napping or reading.  Yes, I know this is over the top but....... this weekend....... safety should come first.
I was pretty wishy-washy about whether or not to post this... cuz... really ..what you do is none of my business.  But I got this whole guilty conscience thing going on  if I don't  give a heads up when I know its a possibility. So, take it however you want. Do whatever you want. I've done my part and I'm spending my weekend taking my own advice..  Me and some cheesy historical romances have a date on the couch.


  1. Love your labels - of all my own blog labels, my favorite is "I shall reveal my true intentions at the tea dance". Feel free to use it, if needed.

    I gave you a litany of my own Rx disasters thus far, and am keeping a box o' band-aids within arm's reach.

  2. I am considering this official permission to huddle under the blankets all weekend with a bottle of wine and a bad, but epically entertaining novel.