Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Busy, busy,busy! The problem with having lots of things to blog about? No time to do it. Between tons of company,  my new Kitchen aid, getting the garden in, working in the studio, Making the studio work (we have an electrical problem that yesterday was finally traced  back to a bad switch) And twisting my leg so everything took longer .......and oh........ hurt........ AND many smaller projects which include crocheting pretty little baby blankets and a rug for the kitchen......  I haven't been able to get near the computer.  OH yeah and tiger woods golf came out a week ago so I've been  building my golfer for a week. Jimmy has been spent more time on his golfer than I have so he is beating me right now.  But I'm not worried cuz once I get to legend I will take him down.  He chokes on the back nine .
I got  a great deal on a BOLT of 100% cotton  large gauge yarn last summer and just now got around to using it.   You can tell I'm a beginner at this cuz my rug looks like its going to be about 8 feet long.  Its looks really cool but is waaaaay to long. Jimmy thinks I should dye it and use it in the living room.  But no. I will stubbornly persist! And sometime in May I will be spilling  coffee and god knows what else, on a handmade carpet that would sell for $300  on etsy. I have no shame.  While I was  buying yarn at weaving works I ran across a  full size loom.  I want it. I have visions of spending next winter weaving by the fire.  Jimmy says he thinks I should finish my printmaking class before I start something new.  I think maybe he has already tallied the price tag for all the new printmaking materials I am going to  'need' after I take the  class.   I'm still looking for a high MP SLR camera to photograph the stuff I've already completed. I never really thought of myself as an expensive woman. I don't spend money on fashion or getting my nails done and I drive a 10 year old car by choice. (ya just cant do the things I do to a car in something brand new and shiny.  The back seat is speckled with  oil paint from the  'i could have sworn it was dry enough to move" paintings ,the trunk full of splinters from all the wood I haul, and it still smells a little like chickens and peaches from the last trip we took to the east side of the mountains)  But I spend more on my  'projects' than any person in history ever spent on vanity.  Jimmy  mostly just  sighs heavily   as the cash is passed over the counter, only occasionally   verbalizing discontent at the high cost of  living with me.  Fortunate for me he likes the result..... usually ( he hated the wind chimes).    And sometimes I think he is ok with paying for  a laugh.  Like right now when I have an out of control crochet project. or when I  accidentally left the back door open and the chickens invited themselves into the living room for a  little  'leave it to beaver' and  a snack. But I digress.
The garden is all in except for the  hot weather stuff like tomatoes and cucumbers and they are all sitting pretty in the shuttle enjoying the light and ambient 78 degree days.  Jimmy has everything he needs for the cold frames for them and we are just waiting til the time is right to put them in the ground.  I saw itty bitty baby lettuce  popping up through the soil yesterday and the snow peas I put in the  planting bags are beginning  to  show movement. 
Yesterday we let the girls into the grassy run for the first time. They were so happy!.  After a week in chicken prison they were so glad to be out in the grass they were silent all day.  Elphie of course was only happy for about 10 minutes then spent all her time  pacing the fence trying to escape.  The reds watched her with amusement as they grazed happily and occasionally gave each other the 'she just doesn't get it' look  before snacking  on an unsuspecting beetle.
So, that's it pretty much for today. Things are serenely busy at Frankie and Jimmy's  urban backyard farm.  Right now I need to head out to the garage and count canning jars so I know how many I need to collect over the summer. Then I gotta ............

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