Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spunky Haitian Farmers, GM tomatoes, Garden planning, Evil Monsanto, Afraid of food

Top of the news today....Gutsy move today by those spunky Haitian farmers. They all showed up to get their gift of 400 tons of seeds donated to them by Monsanto....... Then promptly burned them all!  Story here 
It does my heart good to see someone  say no to genetically modified,  chemically tainted food.   I mean...Do you know how bad something has to be for starving people to say "I'm not gonna eat that!"?
Jimmy and I have been opting (since we started our little suburban  farm) to stay away from the giant, nothingcankillthemtheygrowinthedark  gm  tomatoes and other vegetables.  We are afraid of food that bugs wont eat.
In the PNW if you want early or late veggies the answer is cold frames.  Last year's cold framing worked so well on our 8x8 bed that we are putting one over each bed  this year. 
It was warm enough this week that we did a little gardening prep... turning over the soil and such. It made the girls very happy  getting to dig around in the freshly loosened soil for  yummy bugs and worms that might be hanging out in there.
After all the chaos of the last three weeks I found  a new reason to garden.  It is very grounding. No pun intended.  After a day of puttering around in the yard, getting muddy and dirty and cleaning the chicken coop, I felt like life was normal again.
Jimmy and I will be spending the next few weeks planning this years  garden.   We rotate our beds every year.We have 10 beds all together. 2 are dedicated to perennial  medicinals.  So, 8 beds to coordinate with  sun exposure,companion planting and  soil compatibility.  Its sounds easier than it is.  We didn't quite hit the mark last year and our potatoes and cucumbers were a fail.   We still have  brussel sprouts though. While I love brussel sprouts......I am sick of them. We will plant less of them this year. And we will plant twice as many winter squashes. Still haven't figured out where to plant the beets though.

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