Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Backyard chickens in Seattle, Snowmeggeddon 2.0, Ax murder, Mr Heater, Kinect, Sci-Fi is here now, Xbox

OH Crap! ITS COLD!  Woke up to 6 inches of snow and 19 degrees. Like a real trooper I got dressed, made the girls a hot breakfast to warm 'em up and took it to them.  OH!!!!! they are mad at me. They think I did it. They wouldn't even come out of the coop to eat the leftover hot rice and a slice of corned beef I made them. For you backyard chicken folks  up here in Seattle.... Its a good idea to give them a warm breakfast when it gets this cold. Its helps to get their body temp up. Pretty much any leftovers you have... thrown in the microwave will do it....Anyways.... I had to shovel the snow out from under their little coop porch.(When we made the coop we put a 3 foot over hang so they could get out of the rain and snow.) And then shovel an area in their pen. Then I threw down some wood chip bedding under the overhang and dumped a pile of scratch.  It worked.... they finally came out when they figured out what I was doing. I'm going to have to monitor their water today  because the fresh water I put out an hour ago is already starting to freeze.  Elphie was brave enough to wander out in to the yard.... Maybe the others will follow her lead.  They might even discover that I am doing laundry today and hang out under the dryer vent. 
The garden... The brussel sprouts are going strong but everything else is frozen stiff.   Yep! winter is officially here.
One problem I have griped about for the last five years.... Not being able to work in the studio in the winter because its so cold. Jimmy solved the problem by getting me a  'Mr Heater'.  Some of you are going to say 'duh'  But for those of you who don't know  'Mr Heater' is an attachment ($19.95 at lowes) that fits onto the top of a  propane tank.  It puts out some serious  warm and cozy.  This is  a good solution  only because my studio is so well ventilated (which is why it is so cold).  I'm hoping I can avoid snowmeggedon cabin fever this winter because of it. (sorry for the use of 'snowmeggedon' but its been shoved into my brain by my neighbor who uses it in every sentence.  I keep trying to teach him other big words ...but he really likes that one) The last time we had a big freeze up here I almost  went after everyone in my path with an ax. Jimmy didn't do any better but at least he had his video games. This time we are prepared..... mostly.  Oh and Jimmy bought a Kinect to go with his XBox (he's such a junkie).... That thing is some serious sci-fi! I'm loving the bowling game and I keep  whoopin' Jimmy at it.  Ping pong is pretty good too.....Can you tell I like the sissy games?  Soooooo.... work to do, chickens to watch out for, games to play... shouldn't be too bad this time......right?........ right?????

Here's some pics of the girls.

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