Sunday, November 21, 2010

The earth has gone to sleep, winter projects, shuttle, mastadon, cheesy historical romances, couples bonding, eating on the floor

Woke up to an almost unmentionable amount of snow this morning.  And while the snow is not worth talking about... The 5 minutes it took to let the girls out and scatter scratch for them taught me that I cannot tend the chickens in my bathrobe and slippers at 6 am anymore. Cold boys and girls.... Very cold!  But this is why  we do what we do in the most ancient sense.  The earth has gone to sleep for the winter and we are warm and cozy and well fed. Our activities have moved indoors.  Now we have time to do those sit-down things   for the winter......  A little couples bonding in front of the fire, some art, some sewing, crochet, cooking and a couple of writing projects for me..... (and some time to read  cheesy historical romances). A little home bound engineering for Jimmy.  He's been planning on rebuilding his mammoth computer during this time since June. It means we will be dining on the floor in front of the fire for a week while all usable surfaces are taken up by his carefully organised  bits and pieces. I cant wait to see what this thing will do .... Right now it sounds like the finished product  will out compute NORAD.  And of course he is back in the solarium working on that. " The Shuttle" as it is fondly referred to by the boys, was one of the best projects he's dumped money into in a long time. He's hoping to get more lemons and pineapples this year. We had to move the rubber tree  into the studio during the summer because it went from 1 ft to 4 feet in less than a season. It was really happy in there  ..... An ambient 78 degrees, humid and bright. Its a great place to hang out on these dark and cold days.
While the mastodon is in the living room in pieces , I am going to paint the computer room.  Yeah I know one is supposed to paint in spring and summer but  we  have to take the opportunities offered to us, even if they are not seasonal.  

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