Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA horror, stop TSA now, screaming 3 year old, strip search a child, TSA the Neo American S.S.

I'm not even sure how to begin this post.   I REFUSE to line up in an orderly fashion for the boxcars to the showers.  For my younger readers... that was a historical reference.  I'm talking about TSA or as I like to call them... The Neo American S.S. This crap has gone to far.  I've heard all the comments on how this is Obamas doing.... and the other side that says Bush started it.  Yes! Bush STARTED it! But Obama is not STOPPING it. Silence means consent.  The politicos role in this doesn't matter. What matters is that WE THE PEOPLE are lining up in an orderly fashion and doing what we are told. We are actively participating in the  loss of  freedom and the mutilation of the constitution.  TSA has become an entity unto itself. The head of the TSA has  said that regardless of the complaints  they will continue in this fashion.  They have made themselves the law, the judge, the jury.  My Luddite self has had a change of heart.  I now say  thank god for iPhone videos! Everyone please get one and record,record, record. Do NOT let this horror go undocumented!
Please watch these videos of TSA torturing babies
And please re post them where ever can


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  1. One of my favorite writers wrote an essay on this topic:

    I still like "Don't Tread On Me" better, but if it has to be "Don't Touch My Junk", so be it.