Sunday, November 28, 2010

Venus Retrograde 2010 update, Mercury retrograde December 2010

I know you are all feeling beat up from the Venus retrograde we just went through , but its time for another heads up... Not so extreme this time. This one is a tri-annual Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury rules all things communication, transportation, immediate environment, close friends,siblings: Day to day stuff if you will.  Normally I wouldn't even mention it but this is following on the tail of a very difficult Venus transit and  a lot of stuff stacked up on us. Little things we would normally deal with if we weren't so caught up in the VRX vise grips. Its hard to deal with that whining noise coming from the engine when all you want to do is drive the car over a cliff. That appointment you were supposed to write down but didnt because your heart was breaking..... or you didn't think you would be at the job long enough for it to matter?  Those things are now going to come back to bite you on the leg. Unless you start organizing and cleaning up now. You have until the 10th of December to take care of stuff. Get the car in the shop so you don't have to be towed  on the 19th.  Fix the leak under the sink so the kitchen doesn't flood after the 10th, right in the middle of your christmas party. You get the idea ...... Look around you  and take care of anything you have neglected to do in the last three months. And now for the biggie. This is falling at the worse time. Christmas shopping time. Even the most beginning of beginners in Astrology know not to make major purchases ... especially electronics, automobiles , plane tickets and that sort of thing during the Mercury Retrograde.  Normally its not  too much of an issue, you just wait three weeks, do your research and when its over go buy it.   But we are, en masse, forced to buy things we normally wouldn't every December.  Only advice I can give you is.... do your shopping between now and the 10th. No one wants tears and frustration on the morning of the big C.  So there's that.
Now For an update on the Venus Retrograde. The shadow period of the VRX gave us a glimpse of what was to come. The VRX gave it to us full monty.  Now we are in the look back period. We are shaking our heads and able to make decisions, but we wont be able to put it completely to bed until December 20th.  The uncomfortable itch left behind   might even hang around until January 8th. But when we wake up on January 8th we will feel as if the ground underneath us has changed. Attitudes will be different and the whole world around us will be in a different frame of mind. Venus has been in Scorpio since September 9. Venus usually spends less than a month in Scorpio each year.  So , four months is just exhausting.

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