Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Yesterday was the kind of spring day we,in the Pacific Northwest, dream of....Sunny, warm (60 degree's) and dry.Jimmy and I took full advantage of it.  Jimmy turned over all the beds while I set up a sewing room in the studio and made  planting bags...also known as air bags.  Jimmy bought a couple of these in 3 gallon sizes last year for his  exotics in the shuttle and we were amazed at how well they work. We have decided to try them in the great outdoors as temporary raised beds.  We plan on lining the patio and fence line with these.  This is an experiment. We bought 1/4 inch thick  felt pond liner from the local nursery to make the bags.  When we told the guy at the nursery what we were doing he indicated it couldn't be done. Then told us  they had the same bags ready made for sale.  Jimmy and I  responded ...'yes we know.. but one potato bag is $20'.  For $12.... I can make a potato bag and  a couple of others. Much more economical.  But we will see.  For others out there who want to do the same I used a leather needle and upholstery thread. The total cost for all materials still came in under the price of 1 commercial planting bag.
And then we have the brussel sprouts.  We have had more brussel sprouts over this last winter than any human can reasonably consume. (if we had a 6 year old they would be crying and begging for mercy by now) Yesterday we pulled them all out. Cuz really?..... We are just plain sick of brussel sprouts.  I kept  a couple of stalks that still looked good  and pulled off  a few more for one last sprout hurrah.  Jimmy was less than enthusiastic  about his pork chops last night when he learned they were being served with BRUSSEL SPROUTS.   He only ate them because he knew we were at the end and most of them were in the compost pile.  I did save some of the ones that were re-sprouting on the stalks.  I cut them with some of the stalk left on them and put them in a box of dirt.  We will see if they root.... If not.... who cares.

1 bed ready (1of 12)
 Jimmy working really hard!
 Brussel sprout rooting experiment
 Brussel sprouts in the compost pile...even the girls are tired of them
 DIY potao bag
 Even MORE brussel sprouts (GYAH!)
We made our diagram of the planting boxes  yesterday and  worked on the puzzle that is rotating  crops, companion planting and the basics of who needs more sun, who doesn't and who is going to grow from a 2 inch  seedling into a 6 foot monster.  We had our giant copy of  'the encyclopedia of country living'  open all day  for reference.  Altogether we were dog gone productive yesterday.

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