Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seattle radiation levels up, checking sources, Mutated vegetables

[8:40 p.m. Monday ET, 9:40 a.m. Tuesday in Tokyo] An air monitor in Seattle has detected trace levels of radiation in connection with the nuclear emergency in Japan, the Washington State Department of Health said. Officials said the levels do not pose a health risk.

Feral Jane  sent me this this morning and said she got it from CNN.  I went over and did a CNN search but couldn't find it.  Feral Jane is very reliable and doesn't forward me BS....... without saying its BS.  We have been friends since Jr High and yes we have talked a lot of BS.  But we always acknowledge sources and always acknowledge when information could be iffy.  I still remember the first time we said  "look where it came from...we need to take this with a really big grain of salt".  We were 14 and some teenage gossip had everyone in a tizzy.  Turned out the source was indeed flawed.  Anyways.... This drive to always check sources led me into  news reporting in my early  (and more energetic ) years and carried Feral Jane through 2 1/2 Degrees.   That said... if FJ says it was  a CNN report, there is no reason to doubt it even if it seems to have been pulled.
  It makes me a little nervous about this years gardening. Cuz while there may be trace amounts in the air.... that all gets washed onto my gardening soil.   As much as I would like award winning sized pumpkins....... I 'm not interested in 1950's style  vegetables that  mutate into something that want to eat ME!

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  1. For everyone's edification, "This Just In" is a blog on CNN where they post little tidbits. The Seattle radiation story is 4 or 5 paragraphs down on this page:


    Sometimes tin foil hats just aren't enough to keep all the scary out of teh brain.