Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mercury retrograde for the next three weeks. Obsessive /compulsive Mercury retrograde

OOPS!  Mercury went retrograde while I wasn't paying attention. It retrograded in Aries, the action sign. Don't be surprised if  you are driven to take action in an area of your life that has seemingly been neglected.   Mine went RX in my 4 th house (home and hearth, basic security)  Splains why yesterday I HAD to clean the garage. It was a mission.... A quest if you will. I am also  driven to paint the computer  room and do various other  home projects. If this keeps up the place will be shining by the time Mercury stations direct in three weeks.  My personal MRX is pretty safe as I have a laundry list of  stuff to do around here that I have been putting off for various reasons..  So, I have no desire to start any new projects.   But for the rest of you...... I don't care how good it looks.... if its a brand new thing, wait three weeks before buying or signing or starting.  A lot of things look good while planets are RX only to  disappear or go south when the planet stations direct.
This particular Mercury RX will be hard to keep under control as Mars  (the action planet) will be entering  Aries this weekend.  Mars rules Aries so those drives (to the point of obsession) will be compounded.    Most of us will wake up three weeks  from now and have one of those  "WTF was I thinking?" moments.  Good news?  Lots of energy and resources for completing old projects that have been hanging over our heads.  Bad news?  Its gonna be hard to keep  the impulse to start new things  in check.  Neutral news?  Just..... plan on being twitchy and hyper for the next three weeks.
Sorry, forgot to add the peak point  in this, is April 10. So, expect a bit of a frenzy within 48 hours of that date..... give or take.

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