Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two roosters, feminist chickens, feed dispenser , sensitive but co-operative

The guy didn't show up last  week to fix the  broken heat pump so I'm cold and grumpy.  I've been trying to avoid a root canal for a couple of weeks  but, after yesterdays x-rays, its looks like it has to happen anyway.  My own dentist  wont do it cause its a molar, so he is sending me to a 'specialist'. Or so he says.... I  think he's  mad at me cuz I threw up on him the last time he  was drilling for oil in my mouth.  On my referral scrip he wrote  'sensitive but co-operative'.  Of course I'm sensitive. I'm an artist!
I'm an artist with two roosters.  Yep its official. The gigantic blue laced red wyandotte is a boy.  I saw him crow and shortly after than he and Gannicus  got into it!   Feathers everywhere!   While it looked like Gannicus got the worse end of it  my little silkie roo is holding his own and does not seem to be at all intimidated by  the bigger guy.  Surprisingly , its pretty quiet at Mystic Cedars .  Maybe its because they have a whole acre to avoid each other on.  And also because  they are not fighting over the girls.  My girls are quintessential modern females. They are choosing for themselves which rooster to allow to protect them.   All but one that is.  The blue laced blue wyandotte has given both of them the little chicken finger.  I guess she has decided that if she can   keep the cat in line she doesn't need a rooster.   Poor little Michealetto. He was napping in the sun  when she jumped on his head and bit him on the butt.  Just to bring her point home, she followed him around for 10 minutes  with a chunk of cat hair hanging out of her mouth.  That girl is not to be messed with! 
The girls (and boys) are all happy to be free ranging again.  Our summer long battle with vent gleet disappeared  as soon as we let them out to wander as they please.
Jimmy is working some long hours these days.  I kind of miss him.... but I kind of don't. Let me 'splain.  When my dear love is hanging around the house... I don't get anything done!  When he's working I gets lots of things done.    Why don't I get anything done?  Please refer to my $10,000 tea towels post
When he's bored he hovers!   Sometimes that is a good thing like when his hovering resulted in google stew.  But most of the time his hovering results in us  sitting around  bickering over  how to proceed or...more likely.... getting into a conversation that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.   Which is why I'm not going to tell him about my latest community oriented idea.  All the neighbors and school kids hang over the fence and   delight at the chicken  antics and they all want to feed them.  I have decided to  put in  one of those  petting zoo feed dispensers next to the fence.  I'm currently keeping an eye out for a cheap or free , not plastic, candy/gumball  dispenser.  While I am community minded,  there is only so much  that I am willing to spend on other peoples 6 year olds.   I'm not dropping bank on a high end feed dispenser.   If I hang out on craig's list long enough I'm sure I will find one that meets my criteria.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the root canal. My mouth is full of them (genetics is a bitch), and I feel your pain!