Monday, November 4, 2013

Vintage 1950's cold ceramic molds, plaster molds, no tv, company coming, how old are they?

I hate DST! I'm Ok  with waking up at 4 am.  I'm not OK with waking up at 3 am.  And I mean WIDE AWAKE.   So, I guess I will blog now and nap later cuz there is no way I will make it til 10 pm  without a nap.
We have company coming.  Jimmy's sister and niece will be here this weekend.  This niece is around 10.  I know... I'm a bad aunt!  I have no idea how old my nieces and nephew actually are.  In my head I judge their ages by...Eyes on them at all times (0-5). Can be in other room or just outside but must be able to hear them at all time (6-8)  Check on them every 15 or 20 minutes  but don't let them know you are checking (9-11) .  Can be trusted  unsupervised for up to 2 hours as long as  they are  not allowed to get bored (12)  In their room with the door shut (13-15)   "no you cant have the keys to the car (16-17)  Seriously? You're graduating?  How did I get that old? (18).
I'm a bit worried that the niece will be at loose ends.  Jimmy and I gave up TV  3 years ago so, that entertainment option is out.  They are coming from Vegas so I'm sure cold, dark and rainy will be a bit of shock.  Last time they were here  temps were in the low 60's and Jimmy's sister was turning blue.  Jimmy's sister said that the niece just wants to  do art and play with the chickens.   Art I got!  So,  over the next couple of days I will get various projects organized  and prepped.  I recently acquired my grandmothers cold (plaster) ceramic molds from the 50' and 60's.  These things are so cool!  1960's wall hanging bathroom fish and seahorses.  Fighting cocks and fruit  for  the kitchen AND 1960's ballerina's!  I already  have about a dozen  of them made up.     I remember my grandmother painting them with enamel model paint.    I did two test with enamel and the other with  modern  acrylic 'craft' paint.  Enamel is the way to go.  Gives them that authentic  vintage  look.  They are really fun to do  so I imagine many of them will wind up on Etsy cuz really?  How much ceramic fruit can you have in your kitchen?  Feral Jane has requested a pair of fighting cocks so I will be making  at least two sets of those. One set for her and one set for me.  Hopefully the niece will find them as entertaining as I do.  I will also  pull out some fabric for aunt marthas iron on transfers so she can do some fabric painting.  There is always  classic painting. I will set up an easel for her .  Maybe even a lesson in print making.  Then of course there is cleaning.  I looked around yesterday and there are bits and pieces of  projects all over the house. Sewing, crochet,  ACEO's, canning jars, fabric paints, books....every where... books!  I will be spending the next few days   putting books back on shelves, canning jars in the garage, art supplies and paintings  in the studio, fabric in the trunk,  costumes in the closet (these were all dug for a last minute job this week that required grab,pack,go).   It occurs to me that 'normal people' just have to dust, vacuum and change the sheets on the guest bed.

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