Sunday, October 6, 2013

Late Garden, Slug Army, Gubment shutdown, Art sale gone bad.

My  late planted garden , which looked so good, is now officially a fail.  Before  the September rains started   we were well on our way to a   second harvest of beans spinach, carrots, beets and potatoes.  Then the rains started.  It washed  away the  slug repellent daily .  I tried to keep up but  the week of  stormy,stormy,stormy... an army of  slugs attacked my raised beds like Sherman burning through Georgia.   It was all gone in less than twenty four hours.  My all-knowing 92 year old Grandmother has advised me to procure barnyard geese.  She says they will eat all the slugs for me.  ALL of them.  Soooo, we will be adding  goslings to next years  baby chick  frenzy!
Next year will be chick heavy.  DD brought us a small incubator and Gannicus is doing his job well.  Only one of the new chickens we procured in our good neighbor   attempt is still a mystery.  One of the Blue laced red wyandottes is enormous and has fluffy-ish  rooster-y feathers.  It does not crow however and is meek and submissive and to be perfectly  honest... kind of girly in its attitude.  The question this a  large  gawky  hen or a surprisingly effeminate rooster?

  On to other topics... The gubment shutdown..   No.   I'm not going to go on a rant.  It wouldn't do any good.  Things are seriously messed up in our capital and untangling the knot of intrigue and  special interest positioning is far,far beyond the capabilities of my itty bitty brain.  The end game?  Who TF knows. Does the shut down affect me personally? Could be.  It looks like the shut down might  have lost me a sale on Etsy.  Someone was spending a lot of time looking at a particular piece. The shutdown happened and the looker/potential  buyer...went away.  Maybe...maybe not, but the timing was suspect.  Oh well.  It did show me that I need to pay more attention to my etsy page.  It has been sadly neglected for the last few months.  I re-posted 5 paintings  a couple of months ago and then wandered off to do other stuff.  Is this a surprise? No! I've failed at every retail-y, sales-y job I have ever had.    The ones I had short term success in, bored me to tears and I just didn't have it in me to continuously pester people to  'buymystuffbuymystuffbuymystuffbuymy........  I am a seriously  lackluster  marketer.  Being crappy at marketing however, doesn't  alleviate the disappointment of losing a  big sale.   Losing the money is bad enough but, the real hit goes to my  squishy soft artist's ego that wants to cry with the pain of rejection every time someone looks at one of my paintings and then shrugs and walks off.  So,  yes !  This Sunday morning finds me  with a  pouty lip  and lowered  eyes.


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  1. Oh, baby. That sucks! Call me if you want to talk. If it makes you feel any better artist-wise, the publishers of my book have been dragging their feet big time, to the point that I'm worried they changed their mind. They keep saying the artist isn't responding in timely manner...well get on her, dudes! It seems like this entire year is one long curling ribbon of suck, doesn't it? On the upside, even though geese are mean, I kind of like them. Hopefully they will take care of your slug issue next time around, but in the meantime, that totally bites. :(
    I've started routinely throwing away my vote on the Green Party and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. I have no faith whatsoever in those assclowns who make up our government anymore. Sorry, hope that doesn't tag you by the NSA. ;)