Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smart Dad's advice, winterizing, vent gleet, To do list

Gleet girl is back with the flock and doing fine.  Now that she is better I have completed two more items on my list.  The desk was on my list.  Its a pretty, medium sized roll top.  It had gotten so bad that I couldn't  shut the roll top and  none of the drawers would open because of the  paperwork stuffed into them.  I took the day , sorted every piece and now have a kitchen garbage bag of old bills and  such that I need to shred.  The desk is clean and pretty and I now have two empty drawers  to stuff   paperwork-y things into over the coming year. Am I uber organized? NO!  Am I organized enough to keep my piles of crap   separate? Yes.  Good enough!   
I also bottled up  a half gallon of  raspberry vinegar and started another gallon.
The two winter beds that I planted two weeks ago  have sprung to life beautifully.  There will be plenty of collards, beets, beans  and spinach   for our fall consumption.  The brussels sprouts we planted in the spring are beginning to sprout little 'brussels' and the broccoli is still producing.   I'm not too sure about the  second harvest potatoes though , they are not showing any signs of coming up yet.   We will see.  They were an experiment.
Next on the list..... Sealing everything for the winter.  Dad has been giving me   great advice about how to do this.   While some things are obvious  (even to me), He has had some suggestions that I probably would have missed.... left on my own.   Dads are great! Especially smart Dads like mine.  And he can cook.  When he came to visit for Christmas we made apple pies.  Actually, he made them and I watched.  His pies are  award  winning. I mean that straight forward. He has ribbons  to prove it, so when I got the chance to learn from him....I did. 

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