Saturday, December 8, 2012

Goodbye sprint! No TV, No Jelly, No Apples, No Eggs

I'm posting because I need to, not because I have anything pressing to say. We have been surprisingly busy.  When not working I'm trying to figure out how to get more jams and jellies  to Jimmy's Mom. 'parently... I have quite a fan base  for my 'homemades' in Las Vegas! Trouble is ... I'm running out of product.  The seedless raspberry jelly made with turbinado was a really big hit. We are 6 months away from raspberry season.  I'll have to plan better next year.  I managed to get a few apples off the tree  a week or so ago and yesterday I made little apple pies.  They were little because I was making Cornish pasties and had some dough crust left over... I sliced the apples, marinated them in turbinado and rolled them in crust and baked them.  Jimmy loved them and wanted more.  The back story here is that I have been pestering jimmy...for weeks...  to  get the apples off the tree  for me  before it was too late.  (really tall tree....really short me).  Now he wants apple pie and there are no more apples! Once again...better planning needed.  My old girls  are moulting and the new ones are barely laying.  There just isn't enough light, but with 10 chickens I still haven't needed  grocery store eggs.   Two more weeks till the shortest day of the year and then the light will start coming back.
Now, of course, we are in the middle of the Chrisoween season, which hasn't been too bad this year. I give credit to month 10 of NO tv.  In fact,  everything is better with no tv.  That generalized anxiety that comes from living with a hypercritical, manic, manipulative gone.  There is no tv in our house telling us  what kind of losers we are for not buying the right product.  Jimmy and I are both loving it.  We get so much done!  Oh...and we like each other so much more.
But we don't like sprint.  It came home really hard this last month that we both need smart phones for work.  We went into sprint yesterday to get a couple of galaxies and a data plan. We were prepared to hand over our money for two new telephones and  pay more every month.  We were told  'NO!'.  We are not eligible for an upgrade until July.  Seriously?  What kind of business tells customers  "No, we will not sell you a product or service". "NO!... We do not want your money!"  ... Oh well... come July they will ALLOW us to buy their product.  But, Surprise! We are going to quietly wait out our contract and vote with our wallets and go to someone else for our communications needs...And never look back!  Seriously, How does a business model like that work?  In the mean time... I will just pick up a small, cheap wifi tablet and  keep that with me.

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