Monday, November 19, 2012

Working, catching up, chickens, crazy politics

I've been shooting a tv show.  Loooong  hours. Much fun. But shooting in the rain and cold having given me  another god awful cold. The last day on set I kept a water bottle full of emergen-C.  While I was away playing at actor lots of things happened.  Jimmy held down the fort.  Meaning he took care of the chickens and the cats.  He didn't do it right the first day and the chickens charged him.  Had to explain that they are adamant about their morning snack. And when its  cold and crappy  they want a hot breakfast!  He  started giving them a morning snack but he refuses to cook for them.  He says they are just chickens!
While I was gone.... Twinkies were flying off grocery store shelves.  Not because twinkies are amazing but because its looks like they will soon be gone.  I should be more sad about this but I'm not.  Little Debbies are cheaper and taste just like  hostess products. "Quality ." is a non issue here.
The election is over.  It seems while I was working that several big republican players had public meltdowns because they couldn't believe  the republicans lost.  Some  pundit in L.A. has already endorsed Sarah Palin for 2016.  To my close, personal republican friends....... You folks are gonna have to step up and get involved.    To many crazies are too high profile in your party. Why would any one endorse a nut case like Palin when Chris Christie has shown  America what he can do in a major crisis. He took care of ALL of his people.  And then he captured the hearts of Americans all over the country by telling  the talking heads to STFU.  Of course I'm a crazy myself.  I think we  should pass a new law that all presidential candidates  should have someone from a different party as their running mate.  'Course that might increase presidents having accidents, but we  really do need to do something to bring politicians into the middle.
Texas wants to secede from the union.  ....again......  Texas has been doing this off and on since they joined the union in 1845.  Every time they don't get their way they throw a temper fit.  Can we just buy a cake and a plant and have a farewell party? 
I haven't even bothered with the Petraus  humpty dance.  Its  not worth the time to catch up on the back story.  I don't care.
The holidays are upon us (and we all know how I feel about the holidays).  The only good thing about the holidays is that they mean the sun will soon come back.  We can start planning our  garden in January, building cold frames, conditioning the soil and getting ready for the best time of the year.  

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