Monday, December 17, 2012

Healing hands, cautionary agnostic polytheism, hand made rugs, three eggs a day

To live an artisan must have hands.  Most of you reading this know that I  injured both of my hands in the move to our  new place.  The injuries effectively put me in  a place that I have difficulty tolerating.... The  'do nothing' space.   I barely scraped by  during  this last summer with a  minimum of canning  and gardening. (see the tears hear) Painting, textile work, sewing, making soap,  archery, wine making,  writing, all were put off for a time to let  healing happen.   I spent the summer panning for gold (insert giggle) mostly that was a good excuse to keep my hands submerged in cold water all day.  Even reading was difficult because I couldn't hold a book  for  enough time to read a few pages. Much needed work around the house didn't get done.  Then... in October my hands started getting better.  They probably  would have been better sooner but I stubbornly persisted in denying that I had a serious injury that would not heal   without complete rest.    In October I could see results . By November I could hold a crochet needle again .   Using very thick cotton  yarn (thank you weaving works in the u district) I have completed  5  throw rugs for the house.   When I say completed  I mean.... I had a bunch of half finished throw rugs that were yelling at me from last February.   Those are all done and I am slowly working on a 6th.  I saw a really good Victorian style hearth rug on Etsy that I want to make but I need Feral Jane to sit down with me and show me  a couple of stitches that I haven't mastered yet.  Feral Jane can be pretty hard to  get to these days.  She landed her dream job  and has been self indulgently going to work 5 days a week and insists that on Sundays she needs to stay home and do laundry... that is ...when  she is not headed down south to make sure her aging mother has enough cat food to feed all the strays she takes in.  So, I have to wait until she can pencil me in to her busy schedule.  It could be a while before I get a lesson in how to create a large flat circle.
Our chicken world is pretty quiet right now.  We are getting a manageable two or three eggs a day.  The girls aren't getting up until about 8 am and they are in bed by 4:30.  With that little light, I am surprised we are getting any eggs at all.  The shortest day of the year is next week and then the light will be coming back.  I'm good with that.  Not that this winter has been bad its actually an improvement over years past.    Jimmy and I have offset the grey rainy days and cold nights by  sitting by the fireside  in the living room, in the evenings, chatting about nothing. drinking something warm ...and of course...spiked.  We have prepped for the holidays,  We have a decorated  evergreen  tree in one corner with new lights (yes, we finally bought new lights)  Jimmy made a lovely wreath for the door  to keep away the evil spirits of old.  He made it from cedar,pine and three kinds of holly from our overgrown property.  We put a lovely brass menorah in the front window, and a wreath of evergreens  on the statue of Bastet and threw a cupcake in the stream.  (our new neighbors are so confused.  You can see the questions in their eyes.... but they are too polite to ask outright.  Which is good, because  it is really hard to explain to people of  strong  'one faith'  ...cautionary agnostic polytheism)  

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