Monday, December 26, 2011

Sadness and anger, carnage in the coop,christmas sucks

Sadness and anger. Christmas sucked.   Elphie and Prissy died in battle with a raccoon christmas morning and Hash tag was gravely wounded.   We were awakened 4 am Christmas morning to screams and banging on the side of the house.  Jimmy  was out the door so fast I couldn't keep up.  By the time I arrived all I could do was stand  still and stare at the carnage.  Prissy and Elphie were in pieces on the ground. Jimmy and My Darling Daughter  both  said "don't go in in the back, Hash is dead too'.  Never one to turn a blind eye to reality, I went to the back anyway and there lay  my fearless Hash. I was just about to let loose with a primal scream of pissed when Hash flipped over, stood up and began to stagger towards me.  DD and I quickly wrapped him in a warm towel and set up a makeshift hospital in the studio.  His comb was torn, His neck was bitten and  he couldn't stand up.  He had that cloudy eyed look that  bespeaks shock.  We warmed him up, Put antibiotic cream on his wounds and let him sleep because that's all we could do.  Jimmy in the mean time was on burial duty.  The two ancient reds and Hester made it through   physically unharmed but their combs had shrunk to nothing.  We locked up the coop and stood guard until the sun came up.
I  am not some Pollyanna  who  doesn't understand how  nature works.  But we have a killer on the loose in the neighborhood.  This was not a search for food. This was wholesale  slaughter for the sake of slaughter. If jimmy had not acted  as quickly as he did , we would have lost them all.   It is still dark outside as I write this.   When the first streaks of light show in the sky I will go to the studio to see if Hash survived the night.  I was unwilling to disturb his  much needed  healing sleep.  I was also afraid that another night time disturbance would be too much for his heart to bear.  I am afraid of what I will find when  I open the door in hour.

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  1. :( I agree that nature is nature, but frankly...I fucking detest racoons. I have had several runs-in with them, and it bothers me they are stupid, fearless, mean, and arrogant. (And this from the owner of the world's most thuggish cat, who will gladly and easily murder anyone but the three beings she loves--me, Mr. Typist, and after a mere ten years of cat-wars, her step-brother Seamus.) So sorry to hear of's to a quick recovery for brave, if traumatized, Hashtag! We missed you guys muchly Christmas. The cheese, crackers, and olives are mostly consumed, but let me know when we can drop off your presents.