Monday, December 26, 2011

Update on Hash

Update on Hash:  I opened the studio door this morning to see hash roosting on top of his bed.  When he saw me, he jumped down to run to me and immediately fell over.  He picked himself up and just stood there looking surprised . He then took very slow steps that obviously were painful, but he was walking.  I made a path to the door so he could enjoy some sunshine and he backed into his pen , not quite ready to come out.  It wasn't until he heard the  the reds calling for him that he finally got up the courage to go outside.  He was very slow today but he did eat and drink. The three uninjured girls circled him and protected him all day.  He wandered the yard, did a little foraging and I think he even tried to take a bath.  He started looking a little sluggish and cold about 3 pm so I put him back in the studio for the night.  He probably could have slept in the coop with the rest of the girls but I decided he should use his energy for healing instead of trying to keep warm.    We will be watching this week for any signs of infection. But we are hopeful.

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