Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chicken laws, Letter to HashTag, Training a rooster, Favorites need humility too

Dear HashTag, Consider this a warning.  You may be the uber spoiled  favorite.  But even favorites  need to know their place.  A little humility  would keep you in good standing. I have given you food, shelter, affection, a harem, and  a peerage.  All that you are... I have  given.  AND I can  take it all away.  I do understand that you are struggling to  attain the respect that you  think your position deserves.  I also understand that you are struggling with your masculinity.... being raised by 7 women.  I also know that you are doing your job  as well as any rooster  in the history of roosters has ever done. Your rooster credentials are not in question.   You must understand: Your domain is yours and You are mine.   I am at the  top of the pecking order. Not you!  I will continue to sit on you until you understand that basic fact. 
Yours Truly,
Dread Sovereign

So, Hash is trying very hard to herd me  with the other girls.   He was  pecking my shoes and pants legs when I went  outside.  The solution (from my research) was to  use the flat of my hand to push him to the ground firmly but gently.  In chicken language this says ....Yes! I AM the boss of you!  I've been doing it for 2 days and it seems to be working.   I like simple solutions to problems.  If only everything in the human world could be solved with chicken laws!   

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