Monday, May 16, 2011

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GYAH!  We here in the  sublime PNW have had our entire quota of rain for the month of May in  24 hours. Wet, gray and dark. Not so great for the humans but the garden has loved it especially the snow peas and potatoes.  We have had at least 2 inches of growth in the last 24 hours.  Prior to the skies opening up, we mounded our potatoes and added more soil.  My  home made  garden bags are performing beautifully ( see photos below).  Also before the storm was beautiful and sunny. So beautiful I took my  swillish  romance paperback into  the yard to  read and promptly fell asleep in the sun.  A mild thumping on the blanket  awoke me and I looked up into Jimmy's grinning face.   "Sorry Honey.... I didn't mean to wake you but I want to go to sky  and get a water lilly for the pond."  He glanced at the beer in his hand and I said.... "and you need me to drive you?"  So, much for  napping in the sun. Now I know what the cat feels like.  So, we go to Sky, find the water flora section and Jimmy looks at a price tag on  a pretty yellow water lilly. $14  is reasonable but he doesn't want the yellow one. He wants the pink one.  We get to the register and the cashier   rings it up to the tune of $36.  Yep, the pink ones are the expensive ones.  Jimmy gives me the 'dont say a word" look  and swipes the debit card. We now have a lovely, expensive pink water lilly  for the new goldfish  to swim around.  Yes, we have purchased friends for the lone survivor of the Heron apocalypse.  For you new readers you can catch up on our autumn ELE  here.
In the below  photo  I tried to capture the new  residents, but when they saw me coming they went into hiding. But the new Lilly  looks very pretty in the picture. I've also included a photo of the girls summer resort ( For the readers who are concerned with their quality of life since their  'free-ranging' has been limited.)  As you can see,  they have plenty of quality space. Even if THEY don't think they do.

                       Happy snow peas
Happy Potatoes

New PINK water lilly

Resentful, ungrateful chickens


  1. Absolutely gorgeous garden! And the chickens will get over it. They always do.

  2. Thank you! And glad you found the new URL. Readers have been way down since I moved.