Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lucky Bamboo, liars, militant feng shui, RIP Stargate, David Hewlett,

This mornings rant is on ... Lucky Bamboo. Why lucky bamboo? Cuz the garden is in, and there is only so much one can say about watching  dirt and waiting for something to happen. The chickens have adjusted nicely to   summer confinement.  I have to give Jimmy a break from the smell of paint in the house before I tackle the living room and kitchen. There have been no new good UFO sightings.  The giant crochet rug project is going slow because its soooooo heavy at this point.   I'm not cooking anything special cuz Jimmy is putting in some really  long hours and I learned my lesson on that last year  when he almost fell asleep in the  'simmered all day', 'from scratch' pasta sauce. The new Palm has stopped talking to me,  while it was kind of cool..... I'm sort of relieved  cuz I really hate thinking I'm going off my rocker.   So, all I'm left with is  maintenance of  what we have put together.  So....... Back to Lucky Bamboo.  Lucky Bamboo has been part of my  pursuit of  Militant Feng shui-ing  of the house.   Sky nursery had the  shoots for $0.97.  I 've bought 10  or 12 of them over the last 4 months and they keep dying on me. I've put them in plain water, rocks and those little hydroponic clay balls.   Varied the water levels, the sunlight. Used bottled water and  fertilizer . I even tried the mystical  'superthrive'.  Nothing seems to work. So, yesterday I took the remaining three live ones that were beginning to suffer and planted them in   potting soil.  Its a last desperate attempt to  have and care for these plants that are..... according to all sources .... easy to care for.    If these die, I am giving up my pursuit of Lucky Bamboo and calling everyone  a liar who says they are easy to care for. There! There's my rant on  Lucky Bamboo.  And now we say Goodbye. The LAST episode of any stargate  EVER aired last night.  Its a shame, cuz the last  4 or 5 episodes they finally started figuring it out (with the emphasis on starting) To the producers of SGU I say, "Thanks for Killing the franchise". To the actors.... "YOU all did a great job ! Looking forward to seeing you in other productions"  To David Hewlett   "Hurry up and get another job in  'Outer space' Cuz I'm missing Rodney and would at least like to see shades of him"
That's it for today boys and girls. I think maybe I will wander out into the studio and try to be brilliant.

PS. On the advice of a friend I have started a new blog just for the 100 year old recipes.
It will probably  take a couple of weeks to get it packed with recipes but its up and  running! Go over and take a look.   Tell me what you think and  maybe send over a helpful suggestion or two.  

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