Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gardening in Seattle, Bean sign, Gardening mystery, everything in the ground

Saturday came and there was no bean sign.  When I say that,I mean NO  sign.  I dug up the bed thinking I would see  at least   baby bean plants trying to grow..... or at least the  beans we put in the ground. But there was nothing. Not a single sign of a single bean.  So bereft of bean sign ,  I asked Jimmy "We did plant this bed ?  right? We DID plant this?  He said yes, must be true.  He thinks crows got them.  But why would crows dig up the bush beans and leave the pole beans untouched?  And it all was covered with bird netting.  We have ourselves a genuine  gardening mystery  boys and girls.
The cold frames went in yesterday and the squash, cucumbers and tomatoes went under them.Red cabbage went in  many of the corners and ........ brussel sprouts.  The sprouting sprouts were a fail..... sort of. They all tried to flower and go to seed. So, they too went  away and were replaced by new  seedlings which we picked up at Sky Nursery  Jimmy complained that I could have learned this info on the internet.   My response?  Sometimes we need to learn  these things for ourselves just like in the olden days before the net.  Anyway, we found red brussel sprouts  and put those in. At least they will be a change up  from the gazillion green ones we had to eat last year.  I dug the potato sprouts out of the bed  from last year   ( I don't  know how they sneak past , but they do.  I put them in the back corner in the  'old'  compost pile.   where the soil has been nicely broken down.  We will see how they do.   If the potatoes work on that hill they may find a permanent home cuz I get tired of chasing them down..
We  also put in the  next batch of  snow peas.  The first seeds we put in a month ago  are beauties to behold.  We should be eating snow peas by  the first of June.
 That seems to be it. Everything is in.  Now we just have to feed, weed and water them and enjoy the bounty

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