Friday, October 8, 2010

Stargate Universe epic fail, SGU ratings tank, kill them all and start all over,season 2 episode 2 review, Bye bye Stargate,

For years I've been a big ole stargate fan.  What does this have to do with artisan lifestyle? Nothing. I just like the shows... until now. Stargate Universe.... is an epic fail.Why do I care? Because I enjoyed the first ten years of the  'franchise'.  If this had been a brand new  show,  I wouldn't have bothered with it past season 1 episode 4. But because they slapped the moniker stargate on it, I watched  it a lot longer than I would have.  Jimmy and I sat there last night and sighed heavily as the tedious characters on this show yammered away about tedious topics.  The situational opportunities  to be deep and profound were completely lost in the bad writing. Seriously.... is anyone on the writing staff of this show over 17?  And the crying?  jesus with the crying.... stop it already.  I don't like any of you enough to care! ( Just so you know this critique is not aimed at the actors, They are doing an amazing job with some truly crappy writing.)    The only good thing about last nights episode was the absence of sobbing inanities from the senators daughter. The drawback ?.... one or two episodes from now will be a whole hour of sobbing, babbling senators daughter.   The premise of this show is" these are the wrong people  in the wrong place". You are right about that SG producers.  It could have worked if you had followed through with what really happens to people who are untried, untrained, immature, completely self absorbed and have no self mastery at all.  They either learn fast and grow up quick or they die.   The only way to save this show now is to start killing off the main characters each week until only the strong, capable and willing to learn are still standing. Start by killing off Telford and Young. That will give Scott a chance for personal growth.  Then choose... Rush or Ely... cant have them both. I recommend  keeping Ely because he has the  potential to grow into himself.  Kill or ascend Chloe, she is a useless distraction and brought zero skills with her. Keep Greer, he's the only one who gets it. Then give his leash to Scott to keep a little control on his anger issues.  Put TJ in the infirmary and don't let her out. Jettison the stones and the Aleutian alliance (why did you need to introduce more extraneous characters when you already have a ship full of people you don't know what to do with?) Then start slapping anyone who sheds a tear because after a while.... crying is just self indulgent and gets really old and stale. Especially when its a daily occurance.  That said , Mallozzi already told fans "if you don't like it, don't watch it."  So , I guess I will do what he suggested and not watch it.  A lot of other fans must be taking his statement to heart as well cuz sgu is tanking in the ratings game........ Bye Bye stargate (sigh)

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  1. was a fan of the first 2 series (SGU and SGA), tried to like this new one, but could not. Maybe this well make room for a more balanced action/adventure scifi show. Stargate Universe Season 2 Episode 14 Hope