Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feng Shui, art studio, bagua map, fountain, new wall lights, everything in its proper place, steven halpern, great results

I Feng Shui-ed the studio a few weeks ago. Actually I'm still doing it. Its an ongoing process. Its so much better out here (I'm doing this in the studio today cuz jimmy worked from noon yesterday til 5 am and I'm trying to keep everything as quiet as possible). I surfed up a bagua map ........ had great advice and help from feral Jane and the Good typist.and  tore up the studio for 2 days to make it match up.   My Studio door faces the east which is a good thing.  Straight across from the door is the very open entrance to the garage and all kinds of piles of crap.  I closed that off using just plain cardboard and painted with leftover white paint  from when I painted the studio. (I felt this change immediately). I put a huge painting over it.  After advice from good typist I put some tubed white string lights over it. I was storing finished work and extra  supplies in the relationship corner.... I moved the finished work into the wealth corner and organised it (also good typist advice). This was the corner I previously had work tables and  an easel in.  I also have two built in corner shelves in this corner that were piled with  "stuff I might need" cans of new brushes, shop towels pencils,   and just general crap that had found its way there including a coffee cup in the way back that could have been sitting there for up to a year (sheesh). How long? Long enough to have fossilized contents. So , removed the trash and  and everything else and  beautified this  corner with plants , a fountain  a small painting, some special stones (special to me, not magic or anything....... one I picked up  in a river in the redwood forest... sort of thing), a beautiful block of oak I bought for a project 4 years ago and never got around to, and a mojo bag...  I followed the classic feng shui advice and put a succulent there and a NOT pointy plant.
I put my easel and paints and brushes in the creativity area with a spillover into the career sector  which is in the middle of the room, where I I also placed a work table.  In the knowledge and wisdom corner I put tools and the laptop and  the stereo which I have recently been inspired  to fill with steven halpern subliminals.  I put a lovely  pinkish picture in the relationship corner and will work on this sector more because Jimmy often feels neglected when I'm out here working. I'm inspired to do a simple painting of mandarin ducks (not my usual thing) and put it there on advice of classic feng shui, so he will feel better about the times I shut myself in here.  I still need to work on the helpful people corner because right now it is a wall full of shelves that hold all my art supplies. They are built in and work perfect for their purpose and cant really be moved so I'm looking for advice on what to do there. and lastly Feral Jane said the space was too functional and sterile and that I needed to display my work gallery-esque.  I did the best I could and it looks nice, but I need her to come back over and take a look at it.....feel the energy so to speak.
I have had some great results since the change around, cool job offers, enhanced creativity, more focus, way fewer interruptions when I'm working and what interruptions there are... are not as jarring.   I no longer feel like I'm slogging through mud up to knees while being  zapped with a stun gun at every step. That alone is worth the effort. All the other stuff is Icing after that.
I burned massive incense  the whole time I was cleaning and rearranging, so it smells great in here too.
Yep altogether  a  great project and  a comforting work in progress.

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