Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A day in the Artisan Life, Etsy (somebody buy something please), wake up the chickens, adventure at Joannes fabrics, aggressive relaxation, xbox 360 Borderlands, pickled beets, good wine, good food, good conversation

So, sometimes I have these days that are a deconstructionist's fantasy montage. Yesterday was one of  those.
5:45 am Up and refueling with a cup of Browns Mexico coffee (Jimmy likes new world products, I prefer Ethiopian) Sometimes I like to get the drop on the chickens and wake THEM up!
6:03 read internet news ( a daily occurrence)  checked email and various favorite sites.
6:30 listed a painting on etsy. Seriously, somebody buy something!.... my studio is overflowing!
7:00 Answered some emails
8:00 - ish Jimmy finally crawls out of bed (I let him sleep cuz he had a hard night of  xbox 360 borderlands)  I read a swillish historical  romance for the next half hour with my final cup of coffee and do a breakfast thing.
8:30 Cleaned kitchen
9:00  Cleaned chicken coop and retrieved yet another egg from the floor. After we hyper cleaned, debugged and winterized the coop 3 weeks ago (which included debugging the girls) The girls started laying on the floor of the coop. Cant seem to convince them to get back into the nests.
9:30 Cleaned and pickled 5 pounds of beets
11:45 finished beets and went with Jimmy to get lunch and then a trip to Joannes fabric for halloween and basic sewing supplies.  This was the roughest part of the day cuz tis the season at Joannes.  Wile I was comparing  threads and looking for appropriate machine needles I left Jimmy at the pattern book table to search for  a chaps pattern. Here it gets sticky cuz he was complaining long and loud about the primitive search  through books.  He thinks it should all be computerised. He wanted to be able to put in his search parameters and have everything pop up on a screen.  He pissed off all the little old ladies and one young hipster chick with his  bitching. I arrived back at the table just in time to stop a flash mob and save his life. Then..... had to listen while we stood in line for 20 minutes to get our fabric cut... and .... all the way home..... about how he dug through every pattern book, wasting a half hour of his life only to discover that Joannes had NO chaps pattern. The whole trip was exhausting!
2:30 We arrive home and I now need some ME  time (thank you Joannes for being designed to annoy men past enduring them).  Even though it is not yet grooming day I decide to mask, exfoliate, remove some fine excess facial hairs and do some tapping and qigong while listening to Steven Halpern balance my chakras with the assistance of  a stick of dragons blood.  Jimmy actively avoided coming in the house while I aggressively 'relaxed' for an hour (sometimes he shows great wisdom)
3:30 Made a sweep of  the house with a quick run of the vacuum and began to feel a bit more charitable towards the world
4:00 Put newly pickled beets in the canned goods section of the garage and started   a batch of homemade bread for dinner. Went out to my  'winter' garden and pulled some baby greens for salad.... effectively thinning the lettuce as I went.
4:30 Worked on some studies while the bread rose
5:00 The house smells great, I look great, I have accomplished  enough today to make me feel productive so I invite Jimmy to choose a bottle of wine and proceed to  actively work on a delightful pasta dinner
6:00 pm Dinner, wine and good conversation (with gratifying appreciation from Jimmy  over the homemade bread and home grown salad)
8:00 pm dishes are done, pajama pants donned, and we settle on the couch under the handmade afghan with the rest of the bottle of wine for two hours of selected programs (Boardwalk and Dexter)
10:30 pm Crawl into bed and read more of swillish historical romance before  heading into the arms of Morpheus.
  Yep!  Just a day in the Artisan life

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