Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home made pudding, pudding bowls, Made In USA, Anchor Hocking, Domestic Dispute

Jimmy complained (quick... everyone look surprised!) about the homemade pudding I made last week. Not about the pudding but about the way it was served. I made it, poured it into a bowl and put in the fridge to cool. At serving time I used a large spoon to dip it into smaller bowls and  put a little whipped cream on each one.  This  according to the gospel of Jimmy was wrong.  His mother ALWAYS  poured pudding into  small individual containers for cooling and service.   We all know my only purpose on this planet is to make Jimmy happy, so I started keeping an eye out for appropriate 'pudding serving' bowls. ( this is the place where everyone should applaud my self control and attempts at compromise cuz my first instinct was to get one of those instant pudding things in the little plastic cups and  throw it at him........ cuz he should have said "Thank you my dearest soul mate for making me homemade pudding! It was so kind and gracious of you to take time out of your busy day to consider  my petty wants").
Domestic dispute aside, I did indeed find the perfect  'pudding serving' bowls  at , of all places, my favorite organic food store.  They had a 16 piece bake ware set by Anchor Hocking and it came with  four large custard cups with lids as well as an 8 inch baking pan which I had decided I needed a few weeks ago . All for the low price $19.99.  Normally I pass up these end cap deals but the glowing 'Made in the USA' stamp caught my attention.   I have a set of Manchester drinking glasses I bought from them five years ago (made in USA also) that have taken our baboon-like treatment and are still intact with no chips or flaws. (One of these spent  a winter on top of the chicken coop, exposed to extreme weather conditions for 5 months. When I finally found it, I brought it in the house, washed it and it continues in service to this day with no apparent compromises to the integrity of the glass)  
I did some research on Anchor Hocking and while they do 3  outsourced lines (which I will not be buying) Most of their products are still made in Ohio and Pennsylvania by folks right here in the USA.  A happy ending to what otherwise might have been a tragedy. Jimmy gets his  special pudding bowl and I get Made in USA quality kitchen ware. ................ And they lived..... Happily Ever After 

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  1. Was it Chocolate Rolo pudding? Thanks for commenting about my pudding recipe. I just use tea cups to serve my pudding to the kids and hubby. Works well and adds a bit of elegance to such a simple dessert.