Saturday, May 8, 2010

Artisan Lifestyle :an essay on why retail sales are low, or Socks: The canary in the retail coal mine, Buy American

Most of you already know I am having issues with the extremely poor quality of merchandise that is available to American consumers. Everything has been outsourced to other countries  who, quite frankly, don't give a damn if the quality is poor or even extremely poor.  Corporate stores inside the US don't seem to care either. Oh yes... they bitch long and loud because retail sales are down especially for clothing but do they actually ask why? No. They think by bombarding us with advertising they can bring sales up.  They would be wrong.  I'm done with them.  I have made it a point to search for resources for quality clothing.  I started with the most simple and basic clothing need I have. Socks. This has been a true quest for the holy grail.  Over the last year I have purchased socks at sears, fred meyer, macy's, target, jc penny, and a couple of boutique stores in the mall. All with the same result.  a week or two after I buy them I get up in the morning...... coffee up..... shower... paint the  face.   I pull out essentially brand new socks  .... put my foot in them and my toes come out the other end!  This happened yet again three weeks ago with a pair of socks I bought at fred meyer.   It was 6 am on a Thursday and I had a melt down. A screaming, pissed, fist shaking at god.... meltdown.  OVER SOCKS.  For you junior psychologists out there.... no I was not displacing anger over other issues  onto the socks. I was pissed about the SOCKS!  It was a clean, pure,  righteous rage. Since it was pointless to dig through my sock drawer to try and find socks with no holes in them... I wore them all day. And stayed mad all day. When I got home I got on the computer and googled american made socks. I found  2 companies that I thought I would start with. I poured over their web sites looking for thread count and quality of yarn.... especially cotton.  Then went over to amazon and looked them up. ( this process took 3 days). I ordered  a pair of Wigwam King cotton high socks
and a two pack of  Fox River  red heel monkey socks  (so called because they are socks you make sock monkeys out of)   You know what you can do with sock monkey socks? You can WEAR them!  The sock monkey socks were over the calf and the mediums  were too big for me. I gave them to Jimmy and he was very happy with them. He did say they were a little thin but would be great summer socks.  The wigwams....... the wigwams  were the bomb though. My feet have never been so comfortable in a pair of socks. .... Cushioned sole and  the calf support was perfect for walking all day. When I got home  my legs didn't ache and the  ribbing  had not cut off the circulation right under my knee. I will be ordering several more pairs of these. Jimmy wants some too. Both Fox River and Wigwam are Made in USA and the quality shows. I will never buy socks at macy's again! And that my dear corporate CEO's is why your sales are in the toilet.  We the People are catching on and we are not buying your low grade  crap any more.  This is not a Go America! rant. This is a 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not taking it anymore!" statement.  You like your chinese socks with the built in hole in the toe?  YOU WEAR THEM!!!!

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