Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Astrology update.  Gotta tell ya ... There is so much going on  July 30th I don't really know what to expect.   All I can say is its gonna be a bumpy ride.  Saturn and Uranus are in exact oppositon with each other  and Mars is conjuncting Saturn and its all happening at 0 degrees Aries/ Libra.  At the same time Pluto and Jupiter are in an exact square to each other.   While everyone will have this in their personal chart .......and it wont be pretty for those that have these planets touching anything in their  personal chart.......  Collectively this is a recipe for suck.  I'm going to be honest here. I'm a pretty good astrologer. But I'm not good enough to interpret this soup of screwed.    I've been reading what other astrologers are saying about this time period and they are all over the place. They are predicting everything from space aliens attacking to assassinations to famine to terrorist attacks to volcanoes and earthquakes to extinction level events. Me?  I'm just gonna say... I don't know what's gonna happen.  What I do know is that the garden is in and doing well, the chickens are producing magnificently,  the garage is stacked with home canned goods and I'm going next payday to restock large amounts of salt,sugar,flour,coffee,cooking oil  and bottled water. As long as aliens or terrorists don't blow it all up we will have a survival  cache.  The up side on this?  If nothing happens I wont have to go grocery shopping for anything more than meat and dairy products for months.  I do wish jimmy had gotten his goats before now.Glad I learned how to crochet..... gotta order a belt for great granny's singer pedal sewing machine ( its a hundred years old and still works like it did fresh from the factory). Probably ought to buy another dutch oven.  So, that's 'bout it on the 'pocolypse .  In the meantime  we are planning on a summer of working and gardening and drinking sangria on the few sunny days Seattle gets. 

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