Sunday, April 18, 2010

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OKAY, Where to start...... The new job, web bots, art, unexpected baby, chickens,garden,and a secret happening which I will tell you about in the next blog.
The new job is great and I'm loving being a trouble shooter superstar. I had intended to stay here for at least a year.... only I have an unsolicited offer on the table that is beyond great, so I would be an idiot not to take it. Sort of torn on this one. I've made some friends and some converts but it hasn't been enough time to make sure what I have set in place will stand the test of time. On the other hand this other place feels really right. Like.... karmic right. I was pleased beyond belief to walk in and see a building full of fags, dykes, hipsters, hippies and pierced/tattooed funkies. After four months of being surrounded by rednecks,religious fundamentalists, and devry university dropouts it was a relief and felt like a tribe. There is some guilt in leaving... But I will find a place for it.
Somebody gave me a pair of chinchillas for pet therapy at work. I put them in my studio to await the right moment and came home to 'baby makes three' a few days ago. The thing is downright ugly but I hear it will grow up to be cute. I felt bad because I didn't know a baby was on the way, so mom didn't get any special treatment. She did it with no nesting or special vitamins or TLC or anything. I feel like a bastard over it. But its done and the happy family seems fairly healthy and content... if a little skittish.
And petal starting laying last week. The tiniest eggs you have ever seen. I hear they will get bigger as she gets better at it. Elphie, the dominant one has discovered the cat door. I'm afraid I'm gonna come home one day and she will be sitting on the couch watching tv and and drinking Jimmy's really expensive beer.
Our spring garden is popping up through the soil right now (I'm not allowed to call it 'dirt' anymore because Jimmy spent 2 months turning it over,adding fertilizer, improving the quality and balancing the ph.) I'm looking forward to my first spring greens salad. The winter spinach is yummy but kind of tough cuz it survived many frosts..... So it has to be cooked. The winter collards are enormous and look like something out of avatar. We are contemplating pulling them out and canning them all and planting fresh ones because they are starting to flower. Don't know yet... we might just see how big they will get. Some of my grandparents generation told me they survived the great depression on collard greens and corn bread. Now I can see how. They are the hardiest plants I have encountered.
Art....I was in the middle of a piece that is really big... six feet by eight feet when the baby showed up. So I have avoided painting for a week so as not to disturb the little one too much. Don't want to pizen it with fumes from linseed oil or paint thinner or make it psychotic by putting non nobis domine on repeat for hours at a time.
Web bots....I dropped the ten dollars on the web bot report a few weeks ago. I was disturbed to discover that one of their critical dates lines up with a critical astrological time on July 8. I intend to do an analysis and put some info on here when i get it done. I didn't think too much about it until the two lined up. So until i can get the time to do a close up look... my advice to everyone is to prepare to take care of yourself and family for while with no assistance from the system. At least put in the foundations for independence from the system. Jimmy and I can feel relatively secure in our ability to survive a time without safeway or electricity. Even if the bots and the stars are wrong .....our quality of life has improved so much that its a moot point.

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